2 months old, female, Staffordshire Terrier

Brownie and her siblings were originally from Idaho Falls where they were bred for profit. Their owners had found themselves in some trouble resulting in the mom and the puppies headed to the shelter. When the time came to reclaim them, the owners only took the mother back. Luckily she was spayed and will no longer be breeding but they left 8 of her puppies in the Idaho Falls Shelter looking for their new homes. These guys are as cute as it can get but don’t be fooled, they will require a lot of time, dedication and time to make sure they turn into a well-behaved and respectful adult dog. Ask the ladies at the front how to adopt these cuties! Please note, Animal Adoption Center cannot guarantee the breed, composition or ages of our dogs as we usually have no history prior to them entering the rescue. We make every effort to ensure the dogs are healthy. Please know that our intention is to insure long lasting committed homes for the animals at the AAC. If we feel that an animal and a potential owner are not a good fit we reserve the right to refuse adoption.


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