Meatball is young Bulldog/Boxer mix with some wonderful traits including: first and foremost, he is great with people and other dogs, doesn’t need much exercise, (bulldogs are notoriously kinda lazy), super snuggly, and as our head trainer Vic says, “he’s so dang cute!”
He has a couple of challenge: separation distress and bad knees. We don’t know what happened in Meatball’s past, but he is truly frightened to be alone and we’re looking for an adopter who can help him overcome it so his knees can improve. His ideal home might be with someone who works from home, a family who could work as a team in his care, would be committed to his training every day, and without cats.

Mountain Humane would work with Meatball’s adopter with the training support to help him to feel safe again out in the real world. This sweet boy needs a village and we have a great village.

Call 208.788.4351 or email to meet Meatball.


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