This boy is quite a character! We lovingly call him the Meatball. He is happy and goofy and chubby and just a good boy. He is medium to high energy and loves to play.
He is jumpy in his kennel and will bark at dogs passing by, but we’ve learned that is just his excitement to get out and meet them. Pizza was our helper dog in the yard for hours. He was happy and social, and would try and get even the toughest dog to play. He’d pull out all the moves.

He was social and friendly with both male and female dogs, adjusted his energy level and play to fit his play buddy at the time. Pizza is starting his training under our prison program (8/21/20) to work on his basic commands and leash manners, he does really well in his crate.

Pizza will be an amazing addition to your family!

6 yrs | Male | 65 lbs | Social, playful, energetic


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  1. Amy Newcomb
    Amy Newcomb says:

    I’m interested in adopting a dog named Kevin. Is he available & do you have certain times the shelter is open?


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