Sable and her siblings Rino and Leara are 3 sweet and fun loving senior Pugs. Their owner sadly passed away and they are looking for new forever families. All 3 are partially blind. A pup who becomes blind actually adjusts quite well in their home environment. But for the time being these amazing pups are learning about their new surroundings and where everything is. And they are adjusting and taking it all in with a Pug adventurous and comical attitude. They find their way to a warm bed, cuddle in our arms, and definitely found their food dish! And they love their treats! Their is no problem with them exploring the yard – it’s all about new smells and places to check out! They are 3 amazing pups who deserve to be loved and cuddled by their forever families. Please come and meet Sable, Rino and Leara soon!

10 year old | Female Pug


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