Our 32,000th passenger finally got the ‘Golden Ticket’

Iguana came to the Palm Valley Animal Society in Edinberg, Texas, in December of 2023 as a stray and quickly became a staff favorite. Iguana lived in the adoption office and was always polite to customers and staff, but also loved stealing food. Iguana recently got her Golden Ticket and is awaiting her forever home with the help of the good people at The Grateful Dog in Kittery, Maine, awaiting adoption. She is 55 pounds of love waiting for the perfect family.

Welcome to the Dog Is My CoPilot team, Katie!

It is always fun to share how the Dog Is My CoPilot family is growing. Captain Johnson, (Katie) got her start in aviation in 2016 as a flight attendant for a regional airline. Soon after, she began working on her pilot certificates, and by 2022, she was flying passengers from South Florida to the Bahamas. She recently flew aerial survey missions in various parts of the country. Flying for Dog Is My CoPilot is the perfect job that combines her joy of flying and passion for helping animals find their forever homes. She is excited to help save as many dogs as possible with the team at Dog Is My CoPilot. Katie is flying The Sequel on the East Coast of the United States, based out of Dallas, TX. She is truly fulfilling our mission to rescue animals coast to coast.

Collaboration is key to saving shelter pets.

Transporting animals is a lifesaving solution to ensure shelter pets are given the opportunity to find a loving home. Animal shelters across our nation continue to fill up as the number of animals entering them far outpaces the number leaving. Last month we partnered up with two of our local partners in a recent rescue flight to Wyoming and Idaho. The Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, WY, was part of the first rescue flight of 2024. They received six small dogs from El Paso Animal Services. Check out the Available Animals through Animal Adoption Center to find your new best friend!

“The Animal Adoption Center is thrilled to join forces with local and national partners on our first rescue flight of 2024. This life-saving pipeline is a huge win for the animals and their source shelters. Plus, these flights grant our dedicated adopters access to a variety of breeds as well as smaller dogs that are often challenging to find in regional shelters,” said Animal Adoption Center Executive Director Carrie Boynton.

We also partnered with Aska’s Animals Foundation (AAF) in Victor, ID, where we transported 17 puppies to the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, ID. At AAF, their Puppy Palaces provide a nurturing haven for both puppies and their mothers and those without, creating a stress-free and structured environment for their growth. Once the puppies have grown and flourished under the watchful eye of AAF volunteers, these young “kids” are then transferred to a regional partner organization for adoption!

“Partnering together with animal organizations like Animal Adoption Center and Askas Animals ensures each animal waiting in an overcrowded shelter has the chance to find a home and we are proud to be working together to save more lives”, said Dr. Peter Rork, President and Chief Pilot for Dog Is My CoPilot. “We believe that collaboration is key to saving more lives and are humbled by the hard work that our shelter partners do every day for the animals in their care. This rescue effort is a model for partnership and we hope it will inspire more people to work together for the greater good of our animal friends.”

We celebrate our connection to partners new and old and how they all provide an opportunity for animals to thrive and find a permanent forever home!

SXSW 2024 special attendance!

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an essential destination for global professionals. The annual March event features an eclectic group of sessions ranging from music showcases, film screenings, world-class exhibitions, professional development, and networking opportunities. One of SXSW’s strengths is providing a space for unexpected discoveries to happen when diverse topics and people come together. Our Founder, Peter the Pilot, was able to be a part of a panel with Clare Callison of American Pets Alive!; Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pets Alive!; and Heather Owen of One Tail At A Time. These four are some of the brightest minds in animal rescue, and they talked for about an hour discussing the latest innovations to rescue more dogs and cats and broaden access to pet adoption by removing geographic and economic barriers. They discussed what is making an impact and where the gaps are, as they anticipate a new and unique set of challenges. You can listen to the whole session here.