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Watch the video to follow along our lifesaving journey transporting pets from overcrowded animal shelters to adoption centers nationwide.

Every gift now DOUBLED!

Every donation will be matched up to $30,000!  Your generosity will have twice the impact. Your donation to Dog Is My CoPilot goes straight to work helping thousands of animals. For dogs and cats waiting in shelters to find families of their own, our expansion will change their life. Please join us and make a lifesaving gift to help us stay ‘Wheels Up’.

2023 Giving Season: August 11-September 15

The Impact of Giving through Old Bill’s Fun Run

Run Day: September 9, 2023 at Jackson Elementary School Fields on Willow Street

For over 30 years, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole has leveraged local philanthropy to make nonprofits more effective and our community stronger. Dog Is My CoPilot is grateful to be part of this incredible event. Each year, funds raised through Old Bill’s touch the lives of everyone including pets in Teton County!

We have expanded to SAVE more LIVES!

We now operate two Cessna caravans to transport twice as many adoptable pets from overcrowded shelters to new adoption partners all over the country. The second plane is based in Texas and will be flying adoptable animals to new partners in the central and northeast. Operating two aircrafts allows us to expand our partner network and double the number of lives that we save each year.

Fly along with us and watch this video from BOBS from Skechers! Together with Petco Love, we are giving shelter pets a second chance at life by transporting them from cities where the shelters are overcrowded, to cities where the demand for rescue is high. A win-win for everyone involved and a true mission of love.


We are looking to expand our animal-rescue team by adding a full-time paid Cessna Caravan pilot.


We are a nonprofit committed to transporting animals from communities with overcrowded municipal shelters to animal adoption centers and families waiting to adopt a new pet.


We believe that collaboration with individual animal shelters and adoption organizations, which manage the placement of animals in their local communities, is key to saving more lives!


We believe that collaboration with individual animal shelters and adoption organizations, which manage the placement of animals in their local communities, is key to saving more lives!

Recent News & Videos


Flying Dogs to their Forever Homes

Correspondent Conor Knighton takes to the skies with Wyoming pilot Peter Rork, a retired surgeon and pilot who’s found a new purpose in life by helping dogs in need find homes, flying animals to adoption centers through his non-profit, Dog Is My CoPilot.


Follow our lifesaving journey transporting pets from overcrowded shelters to adoption centers nationwide.


BOBS from Skechers™ is proud to help animals take to the skies with Dog is My CoPilot.


Wyoming Pilot Flies Rescued Pets to Forever Homes with Nonprofit


Petco Foundation Lifesaving Awards, Love in Action 2019 honoree.


Honor someone special in your life with a gift and send your honoree a personalized e-card. Remember a loved one with a memorial gift, donate to honor someone’s birthday or a special occasion.


Your purchase supports our mission to transport at-risk animals from overcrowded shelters to adoption centers in other geographic regions where loving families are waiting.


The Latest from Dog Is My Copilot

Rescuing Hercules and Making a Difference in Overcrowded Shelters

At the heart of the rescue season, our two airplanes have been wheels up nearly seven days week. As the demand for transportation services grows, we recently achieved a significant milestone by flying our 30,000th passenger. We are excited to share Hercules' story, a delightful addition to our rescue family!

Old Bill’s Fun Run

We are so excited that the Old Bill’s Fun Run Giving season is upon us!  For over 25 years, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole has leveraged local philanthropy to make nonprofits more effective and our community stronger.

Doubling Down on Saving Shelter Pets Nationwide 

As we're ‘flying’ into the summer months we want to celebrate our success'es during one of the hardest years for shelters nationwide. Together with our partners we are rescuing nearly 1,000 animals a month but the situation for shelter pets is becoming evermore urgent.  

Thank you 27,000 lives saved

We are humbled by the extraordinary generosity of our community and we are excited to announce that we have successfully reached our fundraising matching goal of $25,000 for my birthday fundraiser. This remarkable achievement fills us with excitement as we prepare to put these funds to work to rescue more animals.

Celebrating Pilot Peter’s Birthday and 26,000 passengers flown to safety!

As we kick off May, we're excited to celebrate our 26,000th passenger flown to safety! Our two airplanes have already touched down on both coasts and both borders of the continental United States, and have been 'Wheels up' nearly every day transporting hundreds of dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters to the safety of receiving organizations.  

Saving Lives Together with our Shelter Partners

This Spring, our team hit the road to visit our shelter partners in Texas. This was one of the most impactful rescue trips we’ve ever made!

Flying into the new year with dogs landing in homes!

Quasi was a rescue we met at the end of 2022. He was left by his owners at a large municipal shelter in Merced, California. He had an infection in his body that was life threatening and he needed help right away.

Happy Holidays, we’re thankful for the 4,600 we’ve saved this year!

2022 has been another amazing year for Dog Is My CoPilot. This is our 10th Anniversary, we rescued our 25,000th animal, and we now have a second rescue plane, ‘The Sequel’! 

Order Now: Dog Is My Copilot apparel!

This fall has been an exciting time here at Dog Is My CoPilot. We have rescued our 25,000th animal and we have special merchandise available for the upcoming holiday season.

We are thrilled to parter with Pet Notify a company that provides technology solutions protecting pets and pet parents!

Join our flight team to learn more about the lives we save.

Each year, Dog Is My CoPilot saves thousands of homeless pets by flying them to safety, all thanks to lifesaving supporters like YOU.  Giving Tuesday is here and all donations will be 🎉MATCHED 🎉by a special supporter, so your gift will make DOUBLE the impact.  To make a lifesaving donation, you can simply click the “donate” button or go to our fundraiser online:  https://dogcopilot.org/year-end-campaign/ or find the link in our bio. 

We hope you will join us in raising funds for the animals who need it the most— the pets in shelters waiting to find homes.  We are truly grateful for your support and humbled by your generosity. 💙 - Pilot Peter

✨Life after being rescued! ✨Watch this video to see how life is going for sweet Titan! 

Picked up as a stray, emaciated with infected skin, our shelter partners @robert.pawsandstridesrescue immediately stepped into action to save his life. Fast forward and Titan landed in the arms of his new family thanks to our amazing partners @lifesaversanimalrescue 
Thank you to all our supporters and life saving shelter and rescue partners we feel so honored to work alongside you!
It was dark and a little chilly this morning as Captain Maresca loaded The Big Dog with our friends from Amazing Grace Pet Rescue, Lovington Animal Shelter, and DC PAWS.  This crew is ready to start their next adventure in Colorado so stay tuned for updates as these sweet passengers settle into the good life and find homes in the Rockies 🏔️! Thank you @petcolove  for helping to fuel our mission and helping thousands of shelter pets nation wide! Captain Maresca is heading startight back to Texas to save more lives! To all our followers, supporters and shelter and rescue partners, you make this lifesaving work possible, THANK YOU! 🙌🐾✈️
Wheels up!  Nothing but tail wags and smiling faces with our incredible lifesaving partners and our amazing pilots as we fly 40 dogs from our good friends at @epanimalsvc and @theundergrounddog sponsored by @petcolove ! 

This crew never stops working as they save the lives of adoptable animals that come into their care!  These furry passengers are getting excited to land with freinds in the Pacific North West from @otatpdx @wetnosesfosterpaws
Touch down in the Pacific Northwest where 35 dogs arrived with Captain Maresca from our great friends  @norman_animal_welfare into the arms of @streetdoghero 🙏🐾✈️

Here’s to second chances, tail wags, and new homes for these 35 dogs!  Thanks to @petcolove  for fueling our missions along side shelter and rescue partners nationwide!
Lucky Lemon Drop from @dallasanimalservices and Adoption Center won her golden ticket to Chicago early this morning on our rescue flight with @austinpetsalive and our amazing volunteer pilot @pearcasso ! 

Lemon 🍋 found herself on the emergency placement list last month. Thankfully Steven Vogeler said yes, I want to help. Thanks Steven for getting Lemon better from pneumonia. Thank you @carenorthshore for saving Lemon. Thank you @kgbstephenson and @deliamclinden and for being a DAS lifesaving transport partner. Together we do better!
Captain Maresca’s face says it all 😀 after he loaded over 100 animals from our good freinds and partner @newbeginnings4mercedcoanimals We had so many cute passengers like Patty and Charlotte being welcomed and snuggled by @lifesaversanimalrescue ! 

Charlotte, an 8lb dachshund mix LOVES people and is a pro level snuggler she’s available for adoption in Polson Montana. Contact @lifesaversanimalrescue today! 

Our commitment to continuing to offer free reliable transport to our partners is more important than ever before. On any given day, shelters are filled with beautiful purebred dogs, small dogs, big dogs and pretty much any type of dog you could imagine.  With an open heart, there’s a canine companion for everyone! 

Please ADOPT, FOSTER, and VOLUNTEER at your local shelter or rescue—the animals need YOU!