Old Bill’s Fun Run

We are so excited that the Old Bill’s Fun Run Giving season is upon us!  We’re grateful to be part of this incredible event. Each year, funds raised through Old Bill’s touch the lives of everyone including pets in Teton County! You can become a donor through Old Bill’s Fun Run and support Dog Is My CoPilot to help us fly pets in overcrowded shelters to adoption centers that help each pet find a safe and loving home.

At Dog Is My CoPilot, we have witnessed the incredible impact that local animal rescue organizations are making.  Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to help tens of thousands of animals find their “furever” homes.  We know that, with your generous contribution through Old Bill’s Fun Run, we can go even further and save more lives than ever before.

By donating through Old Bill’s Fun Run during the giving season, the impact of each donor’s gift is boosted through the additional funding provided by Co-Challengers in the form of matching gifts. Will you join us with a gift today and help us leverage the full match?


We believe that collaboration with individual animal shelters and adoption organizations, which manage the placement of animals in their local communities, is key to saving more lives! 

Across the country, animal shelters and adoption centers are facing overwhelming challenges due to overcrowding. The transport of animals between organizations plays a crucial role in balancing the distribution and easing the strain. Here in Teton County, we are fortunate to be members of a community of passionate animal lovers who are truly changing lives. One notable example of our impact is Pumpkin’s story.


Pumpkin’s journey brought her to Teton County after a breeder in California left her at a large city shelter in Los Angeles.  Her life had been limited to repeated breeding, confined to a crate, devoid of outdoor play, leash walks, or the freedom to run. When Pumpkin landed in Jackson with the Animal Adoption Center, her initial skittishness was a testament to her unfamiliarity with the world beyond her previous confines. Now, in her loving forever home, she has blossomed into the dog she was meant to be. Pumpkin revels in outdoor walks, exploring the sprawling five acres of her new home, and embracing the joys of being a “Jackson Dog” – playing, running, and frolicking alongside her newfound furry friends. It’s heartwarming to see Pumpkin’s transformation and witness the difference that can be made when communities work together.


From Hoot’s mom, Lilly: I’m literally obsessed with her!!! She’s a stage 5 clinger, but in a really cute way, not a separation anxiety way. She does really well in her crate but if i’m home, she is constantly in my space. Her personality has definitely come out now that she’s settled in! She’s very into toys, shoes, and has even tried to run off with some cash! She also likes going for hikes and does really well riding in a backpack when she gets tired. She’s such a fun dog and is going to be such a good college dog!!



Because of our partnerships with local adoption centers we are able to make these success stories a possibility. Thank you for being part of our lifesaving mission!



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  1. Sandra M. Clawson
    Sandra M. Clawson says:

    Thank you so much for highlighting the incredible work that “Dog Is My CoPilot” is doing in collaboration with Old Bill’s Fun Run. The story of Pumpkin truly touched my heart and exemplifies the importance of these rescue missions. It’s inspiring to see the transformation that can happen when a pet is given a second chance in a loving environment. I’ll be making a donation through Old Bill’s Fun Run to support this wonderful cause and hope many others will too. Let’s continue making a difference in the lives of these deserving animals! Keep up the fantastic work!


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