The Impact of Giving through Old Bill’s Fun Run

2023 Giving Season: August 11-September 15

Run Day: September 9, 2023 at Jackson Elementary School Fields on Willow Street

For over 30 years, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole has leveraged local philanthropy to make nonprofits more effective and our community stronger. Dog Is My CoPilot is grateful to be part of this incredible event. Each year, funds raised through Old Bill’s touch the lives of everyone including pets in Teton County!

How to Give

When the giving season opens, it is easy to become a donor. Simply select Dog Is My CoPilot, determine how much you wish to give, and make one donation to the Community Foundation for the total amount. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and contribute to a large collective impact.

Giving Season: August 11-September 15, 2023

About Old Bill’s Fun Run

With a single gift to the Community Foundation during the Giving Season, donors contribute to as many nonprofits as they like, knowing these organizations will receive 100% of all gifts designated for them, as well as a partial matching grant from the Community Foundation.

What is an Old Bill’s donor?

You can become a donor through Old Bill’s Fun Run and support Dog Is My CoPilot to help reduce animal euthanasia in overcrowded shelters by ensuring that each pet has the chance to find a safe and loving home. By donating through Old Bill’s Fun Run during the giving season, the impact of each donor’s gift is augmented through the additional funding provided by Co-Challengers in the form of partial matching grants.

About the Challenge Grant

The Old Bill’s Challenge Grant structure was developed to provide partial matching grants that broadly support all participating organizations, as described below.

Up to $30,000 in gifts designated for specific organizations are eligible for partial matching grants.

The match percentage is variable and based upon the ratio of total eligible designated gifts to the total the Community Foundation raises in matching funds.