Happy Tails!

These dogs and cats all landed to safety with our partner organizations and found their forever homes!  Be sure to scroll over each photo to learn about each of their own stories! We are grateful to help these passengers land in HOMES all over the country!

  • Brandy


    Brandy is doing great and has become a full member of the family, adores my other dog Axel and is a true snuggle bug. We LOVE HER!  

  • Cinnamon

    Cinnamon (now Goose!)

    Today, Goose is our adventure buddy, our hiker extraordinaire, the best fetcher, the dog that plays with every dog at the park, and the gentlest giant that we have ever met. We can hardly believe that we get the joy of owning Goose as our dog – all thanks to organizations like the AAC and Dog Is My CoPilot who gave Goose another chance at a life full of love.

  • Quasi


    Quasi has two canine, three kitty cat siblings and wears a sweatshirt all the time. He loves the snow which would’ve been new to him and he is such a big part of our lives. Can’t imagine life without him!

  • Raisin


    I am so lucky to have this guy. He’s curious, sometimes skiddish and cautious to new things, verv loving and quite a goofball when he wants to be. He is right next to me at night in bed. When he settles down his sister and him will sleep next to each other. We have snuggle time every morning and night.

  • Skyla


    Skyla has been an absolute joy to our family. She is amazing with people and our toddler. She really likes to play with other polite dogs as well. She couldn’t have found a better family and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog!

  • Waffles


    Waffles was picked up as a stray dog in the small town of Redford, TX. Skinny, unsheltered, and suffering from tick fever, Waffles was wandering in the vast stretch of borderlands that has no animal control. Thankfully, because the Presidio Shelter is supported by a rescue called The Underground Dog, he was able to briefly find safe haven in one of their 6 kennels before finding a foster home and getting the veterinary care that he needed. Waffles was adopted by a lovely couple and immediately embraced everything on offer: the coziest chair in the living room, dog park chase tournaments, skiing adventures, and jaunts around town.

  • Winnie


    Hello from our Winifred (ie Wini, ie Fred, formerly Tumble). We gladly adopted her after she didn’t work out with her first family in Portland. It’s been nearly 2 years now with Wini and she’s a bundle of joy and energy that we couldn’t live without now. Please follow her on Instagram at: @wini.j.dog.

  • Yuki


    Yuki came into the Presidio Animal Shelter after the Presidio ACO did a welfare check and picked up 6 dogs who were living in a small backyard enclosure in a home that had 20 or more animals on site. They were dirty, skinny, and terrified. We live a magical life with Yuki. We are so lucky that she was rescued.  Not only is her life better, but our lives are better because of her.