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Thank you for joining our team as a valued partner! We’re all focused on one greater mission — to save as many animals as we possibly can and  we are so excited to have the opportunity to work alongside you! You can always reach us by sending an email to flightudates@dogcopilot.org or call/text 307-359-5452!


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Petco Loves believes that helping pets live their best lives possible begins with creating lifesaving communities across the country. Dog Is My CoPilot couldn’t agree more!  Let Petco Love provide your organization with the support needed to make this happen  by visiting Petcolove.org/partner

Our lifesaving animal transport flights are supported by significant funding from Petco Love.  As a strategic partner, Dog Is My CoPilot encourages you to become a Petco Love partner organization. Have questions about this process? Reach out to Petco Love at Partners@PetcoLove.org to learn more about priority funding possibilities and other unique opportunities.

Tips for Your First Rescue Flight

Tips for shelter partners for successful transfer partnerships

Dog Is My CoPilot is fortunate to have so many great partners who help organize the transportation of rescue animals.  It takes time, coordination, and patience to transport at-risk animals from source-shelters to destination shelters.

In part one of the American Pets Alive blog post, “10 Tips all Source Shelters should know for Successful Transfer Partnerships”, by Clare Callison, she talks about how a source shelter can take the initiative to get their animals to forever homes and rescue as many animals as possible.


Although animal welfare has made great improvements when it comes to lifesaving, there are over a million healthy shelter pets euthanized for lack of resources or available space every year. Some regions experience the opposite problems of long adoption and foster waitlists and fewer animals available for adoption in shelters than people interested in adoption. Check out this toolkit to help get started with with organization to help transporter pets to save more lives.

Maddie’s University

St Huberts Transport Model

St. Hubert’s WayStation Program is a high volume transport program that provides a model for animal welfare organizations across the country. Free course.


Adopters Welcome Manual

Adopters Welcome highlights an approach to adoptions that embraces community members, encourages them to adopt, and helps them and their pets succeed. The approach also acknowledges the connection among all local adoption agencies and the impact adoptions, or lack of adoptions, can have on all of the animals in a community.

Maddie’s Fund

Blueprint to a Successful No-kill Journey

Join Dr. Ellen Jefferson as she guides you step-by-step through what are considered Best Practice metrics in outcomes, intakes, and the 12 programmatic ingredients of lifesaving.

American Pets Alive!

10 Tips for Source Shelters

Whether you’re just starting a transport program or have been transporting for years, there’s always room to grow and maximize your lifesaving impact. Here’s the top 10 tips all source shelters should know for successful transfer partnerships.

American Pets Alive!

10 Tips for Destination Shelters

Whether you’re just starting a transport program or have been transporting for years, there’s always room to grow and maximize your lifesaving impact. Here’s the top 10 tips all destination shelters should know for successful transfer partnerships.

Austin Pets Alive!

The Future of Transport

As we start to see the light of normalcy return with the release of COVID vaccines, we have a little break from what has felt like back-to-back emergencies to share our plans for the future at Austin Pets Alive!. Our board of directors and executive staff have been working hard on creating and starting to implement our 2021-2023 strategic plan.

American Pets Alive!

Transport Programs: How to Find & Cultivate Successful Rescue Partnerships

This webinar, taught by transport expert, Clare Callison, is for anyone interested in starting or growing a transport program through cultivating transport relationships with communities, where there are more adopters than available pets.

Human Animal Support Services

Pet Supply and Demand – Open Adoptions

The open adoption approach involves removing barriers and creating a welcoming, non-judgmental culture that encourages people to adopt. Open adoption is an approach rooted in respect, inclusion, trust, and working to get to “yes” with every adopter.