About Us

We fly nearly 1,000 animals a month to forever homes between our two rescue planes crisscrossing the country. Our community of donors support our flights that rescue at-risk pets waiting in shelters for a chance to find a safe and loving home. We are honored to work alongside hundreds of truly incredible shelter and rescue workers across the country. The smiles we see on the faces of our shelter partners and future adopters fuel our determination to keep making a difference. While we may be a small piece of the puzzle, we know we are an important piece. Many of the animals we rescue were once on the euthanasia lists, and we have been able to provide them with a second chance.

Our mission in flight.

Follow along our lifesaving journey transporting pets from overcrowded animal shelters to adoption centers nationwide.

Our Story

Founded in 2012, Dog Is My CoPilot is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transport animals by airplane, from overcrowded shelters to adoption centers where loving families are waiting to adopt a new pet. In the United States, millions of healthy animals are living in municipal shelters and are at-risk to be euthanized due to persistent overcrowding. We work with municipal shelters to fly at-risk animals to other geographic regions where loving families are waiting to adopt new pets. Transporting animals is a lifesaving solution to ensure shelter pets are given the opportunity to find a loving home. Animal shelters across our nation continue to fill up as the number of animals entering them far outpaces the number leaving.

We fly as many animals as possible in a single flight to maximize efficiency and do not charge partner organizations for our transport services. As opposed to long-distance ground transportation or the red tape of commercial flights, transporting animals by plane is efficient and affordable — $188 per animal, per flight.

Our Vision

We reduce animal euthanasia in overcrowded shelters by ensuring that pets have the chance to find a safe and loving home.

Imagine a world without euthanasia, a world where every animal has a home, where shelters don’t suffer from overcrowding and where healthy animals don’t face euthanasia. That world is our hope but until it becomes a reality, we will work tirelessly to save as many dogs and cats as possible from euthanasia. As Dog Is My CoPilotFounder Dr. Peter Rork says, “We believe that collaboration is key to saving more lives and are humbled by the hard work that our shelter partners do every day for the animals in their care.”