Thank you 27,000 lives saved

Dear Dog Is My CoPilot family,

We are humbled by the extraordinary generosity of our community and we are excited to announce that we have successfully reached our fundraising matching goal of $25,000 for my birthday fundraiser. This remarkable achievement fills us with excitement as we prepare to put these funds to work to rescue more animals.

Each day, thousands of animals left at shelters find themselves facing the heartbreaking fate of euthanasia simply because they lack a safe and loving home. However, with your unwavering support, we are able to intervene and save the lives of countless numbers  of dogs and cats, ultimately flying them to forever homes across the country.

Throughout the month of May, we completed seventeen rescue flights and transported nearly one thousand beloved pets! One particularly special flight brought a fortunate passenger named “Pimms” from Laredo, Texas to one of our incredible lifesaving partners, the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, Wyoming. This lifesaving journey was made possible through our invaluable partnership with Austin Pets Alive! and Laredo Animal Services. Prior to the flight, Pimms was on the verge of euthanasia due to limited space and resources. Regrettably, she was one of four-hundred dogs in the shelter who had been overlooked. However, thanks to the rescue flight, Pimms was greeted with open arms by a warm and welcoming crew in Wyoming. She is now under the care of our Executive Director, Kara Pollard and her family, providing a safe foster home, and is available for adoption through the Animal Adoption Center.

In another recent rescue flight, we celebrated a momentous milestone as we transported our 27,000th rescue animal. Ihop, a brave soul, was discovered by Stone Creek  Veterinary hospital in Texas with a severely broken leg. Despite months of efforts to save the leg, the limb ultimately was amputated. Our incredible partners at Hearts and Bones ensured Ihop’s safety and accompanied her on a flight to NYC. (Note: Dog Is My CoPilot is now transporting nationwide!) Today, she is thriving and embracing a brighter future, filled with happiness and hope.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the immeasurable love and unwavering dedication displayed by our shelter and rescue partners every single day. We consider them to be the true heroes. 

Together, we forge a powerful alliance, united by the belief that we can create a meaningful impact in the lives of these precious animals and the individuals who cherish them. Your support has been instrumental in helping us reach our goal for this matching campaign, and we cannot THANK YOU enough for being an integral part of our lifesaving mission.

Once again, thank you for your dedication and for standing alongside us in our mission to save lives. 

With gratitude,

Peter the Pilot

📷 Sarah Demarco Photography: https://www.sarahdemarco.com


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  1. Ty Hickman
    Ty Hickman says:

    Wow, 27,000 lives saved is an incredible milestone! Kudos to Dog Is My CoPilot for the amazing work they’re doing in rescuing shelter animals. It’s heartwarming to see how collective efforts can bring about such a meaningful impact. Reading about this accomplishment is an uplifting way to start the day, reminding us all that good is being done in the world. Congratulations on reaching this landmark, and here’s to saving even more furry lives in the future! 🐾👏


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