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Transporting 30,000 pets to safety and counting 

We are excited to reconnect with you and share the impact our community of animal lovers has made this year. Together, with your support, and the help of our partners, we are flying nearly 1,000 animals to new forever homes every month.

Rescuing Hercules and Making a Difference in Overcrowded Shelters

At the heart of the rescue season, our two airplanes have been wheels up nearly seven days week. As the demand for transportation services grows, we recently achieved a significant milestone by flying our 30,000th passenger. We are excited to share Hercules’ story, a delightful addition to our rescue family!

Doubling Down on Saving Shelter Pets Nationwide 

As we’re ‘flying’ into the summer months we want to celebrate our success’es during one of the hardest years for shelters nationwide. Together with our partners we are rescuing nearly 1,000 animals a month but the situation for shelter pets is becoming evermore urgent.