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Animal welfare organizations around the world are grappling with the implications of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Dog Is My CoPilot continues to respond to the corona virus situation in a thoughtful and responsible manner to ensure the safety of people and animals. We are working closely with our national animal sheltering community and are participating in daily discussions to stay up-to-date on possible animal shelter impacts. On this page you will find helpful resources from national animal welfare organizations.

According to American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), infectious disease experts, as well as multiple health organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization indicate there is also no evidence at this time to suggest that pet dogs or cats can be a source of infection with COVID-19, including spreading COVID-19 to people.  To learn more visit the AVMA deviated resource page by clicking the (AVMA) button below. 

Transport Protocol

Dog Is My CoPilot is using guidance and protocols for every area of transport provided by American Pets Alive!, a national animal welfare education and outreach non-profit. Check out our checklist of protocols to ensure we are safely and effectively able to continue our transport mission to ensure that no shelter pet lives are lost as a result of  the coronavirus outbreak.


Resources to support Lifesaving in Shelter—  We have compiled links to leading national animal welfare organizations that are providing the most up to date information on the response of COVID-19.

American Pets Alive

World Health Organization (WHO)

Best Friends Network Partners

National Animal Care & Control Association

The Humane Society of the United States and The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement


Maddies Fund

How you can help today

As a result of Covid-19 , government shutdowns are forcing animal shelters to curb their hours, close their doors to the public entirely, and operate with limited or restricted staff and volunteers. Shelters and pet adoption facilities nationwide need people to foster pets on a temporary basis.  Find a shelter or rescue near you: petcofoundation.org/shelter.