14,000 Rescued Animals and Counting

It is hard to believe that in 8 short years, Dog Is My CoPilot has saved the lives of 14,000 animals. We have reached this amazing milestone by flying at risk animals from overcrowded shelters to adoption centers in other states where loving families are waiting to adopt the pets.

Organizations come together

Abilene Animal Services (AAS) is a new partner for Dog is My CoPilot. After on-boarding this amazing partner, we recently flew the first life saving flight from their animal shelter. AAS is based in the City of Abilene, Texas and their mission is to educate the public to increase responsible pet ownership and prevent animal homelessness. Our initial flight saved 77 animals and Dog Is My CoPilot is excited to welcome the loving animals to fur-ever homes. It’s only because of your support that we’re able to work with new shelters and expand our life saving rescue flights. 

Lucky #14,0000

Meet passenger 14,000! Luther boarded the Big Dog last Friday and flew from Abilene, Texas to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! He is a 9 month old, male, lab mix who is friendly with people and social with other dogs. This cute labrador puppy will be available for adoption soon!!

Where is Luther headed?

Luther is headed to the Animal Adoption Center (AAC) located in Jackson Hole, WY  which has been a long time partner of Dog Is My CoPilot. AAC is located in a prime downtown location where they promote community interaction with animals and programs focusing on putting an end to the unnecessary killing of adoptable animals in the state of Wyoming. 

15,000 is on the horizon

Unfortunately, there is never a shortage of animals to rescue.  Before long, Dog Is My CoPilot will be moving past 15,000 rescued animals!  Who are the pilots that make this a possibility? What are the logistics to make these flights possible? And where do all these crates come from? Stay tuned……..Dog is My CoPilot, is on the move and has a story to tell ✈️

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  1. Jodie Courtland
    Jodie Courtland says:

    I have such admiration for what your group does! As the saying goes “All dogs deserve a home, yet not all people deserve a dog” I just can’t understand the choice of leaving a pet homeless… they have to stop being thought of as property… They mourn the loss of those they love, just as we do. You provide such a wonderful service getting these furry loves to places where they will have companionship and love to share.


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