Well howdy, stranger! My name is Chester, aka Professor Wigglesworth, Funky Chunky McCheesy- or better known as your new best friend! If I do say so myself, I make a mighty fine accomplice in french fry eatin’, mountain hikin’, road trip ridin’, feet-up relaxin’ activities, and everything in between!

What do you say? Let’s be pals! Oh boy, am I excited to meet you! But first, you have to schedule an appointment with my friends at Mountain Humane by calling 208.788.4351.

Looks Like:  Shepherd| Est. Age. 2 years 0 months | Nurtured Male | 69 lbs.



Meet Bridgette, a total sass queen and top notch love-bug.

Bridgette confidently struts around like a runway model everywhere she goes…but what can she say? She listens to the song “Single Ladies” by Beyonce a little too much! Being the confident young lady she is, Bridgette prides herself in also being the smartest cookie in the jar and up for any challenge. Something that she does know for sure, is that it only takes one person to realize the true gem that she really is- and the rest will be history!

Looking for an active, happy-go-lucky pup? Be sure to schedule your appointment to meet Bridgette at 208.788.4351!

Kelpie, Australian Shepherd Mix | Est. Age 1 yrs 0 months| Spayed Female | 53 lbs