DIMC Partner Animal Adoption Center “Sleepover” Program

A new trend of ‘pet sleepovers’ is on the rise with animal lovers in the US.

Pet lovers are enjoying a little extra time with animals from local Adoption centers in their homes. These sleepovers, often over weekends, helps each animal understand what life is like as a pet in a family home.

Recently, our partner organization, Animal Adoption Centerwas featured in a local newspaperand explained how the program has increased animal adoption rates.

Nearly 400 community members who take the Animal Adoption Center’s dogs for “sleepovers.” From reducing stress to increasing adoptability to improving behavior, foster homes provide a long list of benefits to homeless pets.

Each day and for weekends — Friday through Tuesday — foster caregivers pick up the animals between 4 and 6 p.m. at the Adoption Center, where they are provided with food and a crate, harness and leash. The dogs are dropped back off between 9 a.m. and noon the next day when potential adopters can meet and walk them.

Dog Is My CoPilot(DIMC) collaborates with partners like  Animal Adoption Centerto reduce euthanasia rates by transporting animals from places with overcrowded shelters to adoption centers in other geographic regions where loving families are waiting to adopt them.

 The best part is that DIMC does not charge our partners organizations for our transport services.  As opposed to long-distance ground transportation or the red tape of commercial flights, transporting animals via private aircraft is efficient and affordable — just $50 per animal, per flight. 

Have you ever had a dog or cat sleep over? How often do you visit your local adoption center?

If you want to support Dog is My CoPilot or want to know more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us flightupdates@dogcopilot.org.

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