Dog Is My CoPilot on Ruff Talk

On October 9th, Dr. Peter Rork and Kara Pollard were asked to join Ruff Talk.  This Facebook live event was created by Victoria Stillwell who hosts a nationally recognized TV show called “It’s ME or the DOG.”  In this series, Victoria shares different stories of families who are struggling with a misbehaving dog. Victoria helps the families determine why their dog is acting inappropriately.  She then works with each family by sharing tips and tricks to help reduce their dogs troublesome behavior. Since the pandemic hit in March, Victoria has also been hosting a weekly online show called Ruff Talk.

Ruff Talk, a fun filled hour for every animal lover

Ruff Talk is a weekly 30-45 minute Facebook Live conversation every Friday, where dog behavior expert Victoria Stilwell, Heather Paul from State Farm, Hero therapy dog Aladdin (with his fur mom, Michele), and Larissa Wohl from Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” bring a dose of fun into your home with celebrity guests and their pets. They talk about pet news, pet peeves, and pet advice, all with a heavy dose of humor.

Dog Is My CoPilot is working on expansion

Kara, the Executive Director of DIMC, and Pilot Peter joined Ruff Talk to discuss Dog Is My CoPilot’s mission and all the logistics that it takes to plan all the rescue flights with their partners across the West.

As we shared in the video above, many of our shelter partners are able to care for more animals because they know Pilot Peter and his flight team will arrive every month and help find new loving homes for up to 80 dogs and cats. 

Adopt! Volunteer! Foster! Donate!

As we approach the holiday season, don’t forget a wonderful point made in the video about adopting an animal from a shelter; when a dog is adopted from a rescue or adoption center, two dogs are actually saved.  The one that is brought home, and the one that takes its place at the shelter.  Pilot Peter provided us with a great reminder that even if you are not able to adopt an animal or make a financial commitment, fostering an animal or volunteering at a shelter can also support animal adoption centers across the US.  

Thank you

Thank you to Victoria Stillwell, Heather Paul and Michele Schaffer-Stevens for inviting our flight team to Ruff Talk. We welcome the Ruff Talk fans to our community and hope that you’ll join us on the next rescue flight. With the help of everyone in our community, Dog Is My CoPilot has rescued close to 17,000 animals in the last 8 years and over 50 rescue flights in 2020 alone!

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