Foster to Save More Lives

When the pandemic began in March of 2020, shelters and adoption centers across the country were uncertain how this would impact the animals in their care.  All across the country, shelters are continuing to help pets in creative, innovative ways during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. In fact, many have had such an incredible response from their communities that they have been able to save more lives than ever before! 

Fostering Animals at the Animal Adoption Center

The Animal Adoption Center (AAC) in Jackson Hole, one of Dog Is My CoPilot rescue partners, is one example of how there truly can be a silver lining during very hard times.  The AAC was initially worried about how the pandemic was going to affect their foster program.  But as it turned out their foster program is stronger than ever and thanks to their foster homes support they have been able to save more lives than ever before! Read on to learn how their foster program is truly SAVING LIVES! 

AAC Foster Program helps saves dogs at risk of euthanasia

Following the severe winter storm cycle in the south during February,  2021, our local Jackson Wyoming  based partners, Animal Adoption Center welcomed seven dogs from Laredo, Texas into their rescue and adoption program on February 24! Laredo Animal Care Services is one of our incredible source partners located in Texas that we fly for during the summer and spring.  Thanks to amazing partners like the Animal Adoption Center who coordinated a lifesaving  ground transport up North, animals all over Texas are getting a chance to find a home! 

“It is hard to believe that animals are still facing euthanasia due to lack of space. We are so fortunate to help relieve some of the burden in overwhelmed shelters regionally and nationally,” said Jenna Martin, AAC Advancement Director.

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The Pandemic changed everything 

Before the pandemic, staff members at the Animal Adoption Center spent time every afternoon juggling foster homes and animals to find every animal a safe place to rest for the night.  At the time, AAC was open to the public and animals would spend the day at the center, going on walks and meeting potential adopters. Every evening, animals would spend the night with local families that are part of their foster network.

By mid March 2020, it was apparent that the Animal Adoption Center would need to adapt to the changing times. The front doors would be shut to the public except for appointments and the strategy for adopting needed to change as well.  Thankfully, the Jackson foster family community opened their doors and animals were placed in longer term foster care homes while waiting for adoption across Teton County and beyond.  Because so many animals found long term foster homes in the community, the AAC has been able to open their doors to the animals most in need at their regional and national partner shelters.

Whether a dog or cat is working on potty training, overcoming fear or anxiety, recovering from a medical procedure or just waiting for the perfect family to come along, they get to adjust to their new life in a home with caring and dedicated fosters, said Virginia Faulkner-Monks, Community Engagement Director at the Animal Adoption Center.


Fostering is good for the soul

Fostering an animal, not only provides a home for an animal, but provides many benefits to the foster family.  Studies have shown that animals are good for your health, help families deal with stress or trauma, and can have an impact on how our country views and deals with homeless animals in our society. A foster home may be an animal’s first taste of what it means to be loved and bridges their experience in a shelter environment with the life of living in a home. 

How you can help

If you are interested in being a foster family and live in Northwest Wyoming, please contact the Animal Adoption Center and fill out an application to be a foster family.  Once complete, you will be added to the foster community call list and AAC will pair foster dogs with you if they believe the animals will thrive and fit into your home.  If you live in other parts of the country or world, please contact your local rescue or shelter to learn about animal fostering programs in your backyard.  


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