Lens And Leash

We believe that collaboration with animal welfare organizations is key to saving the lives of homeless animals. By working together we can help promote shelter adoption around he country! This week we would like to feature one of our newest partners….Lens And Leash!

Lens And Leash was created with a specific goal in mind; to find every adoptable animal a forever home! To do this, they partner with professional photographers around the country to showcase different animal shelters and each of the adoptable animals. This also allows them to connect with people around the country and share adoption stories and information that can help encourage more people to adopt!

Currently they are looking for new partners! Weather you are a professional photographer or an animal shelter this might be a great opportunity to reach out to Lense and Leash!


If you are a photographer that would like to give back and help local rescue animals, you are in the right place! Just fill out this form: https://lensandleash.com/partner-with-us/

Animal Shelters

If you work at an animal shelter and would like to partner with Lens And Leash, we are extremely honored and would love to discuss setting up a photoshoot and larger campaign.

Please fill out the form: https://lensandleash.com/partner-with-us/

We think this is a very worthwhile mission and we hope our followers, partners and supporters will take the time to reach out to the awesome folks at Lens And Leash!

To see examples of some of the shelters they have featured along with the animals, photographers and adoption stories, please check out their website at https://lensandleash.com/.

You can also check out their Facebook Page and Instagram page to see some of the features they have done on the animals to help them get adopted:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lensandleash/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lensandleash/

Photo: Karissa Akin of Après Events

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