Love inspired CoPilot reunion

Thank you!

On this day of thanks, it is the perfect time to let you know how grateful we are to everyone who has touched the lives of Dog Is My CoPilot animals.  Because of you thousands of dogs and cats have found love and families of their own.

As a special way to thank you, we want to share heartwarming pictures of a few of the furry passengers that you have helped to save.  Recently, a special reunion was held in Polson Montana to celebrate the adoption stories of dozens of Dog Is My CoPilot passengers that found homes through Life Savers Animal Rescue.  Thanks to our amazing partners at New Beginnings For Merced County Animals  in Merced California, these dogs that were once at risk of being euthanized were given the chance to find love and special homes out West.

“We’re having a little reunion for all of the dogs that came to our rescue by way of Dog Is My CoPilot,” said Lynette Duford, President of Life Savers Animal Rescue.


One of the lucky “California Littles” being celebrated, is Trooper who had actually been hit by a car.  “We saw Trooper on Life Savers Animal Rescue webpage and he looked pitiful, he was all stapled up,” said Marcene Coburn, Troopers new mom, “and I thought, ‘I gotta have that dog’. We already had two labs but we just wanted to rescue him and give him a chance and he’s been the best thing that’s happened to us. He’s wonderful,” Coburn added.

Your kindness is is the reason why so many dogs and cats have received lifesaving second chances, THANK YOU!  We wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.


photos by: Jim Ereaux

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