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Dog Is My CoPilot focuses on transporting animals from municipal animal shelters to non-profit animal adoption centers.  While we don’t transport animals for the general public, we’re often asked about how to transport animals for vacations or families moving to new geographic regions or someone wanting to adopt a pet that might be in a shelter from a far distance. If you’re looking to transport your personal pet or adopted pet or any other animals, we hope the information below is helpful

Best Friends Animal Society Animal Transportation Information

Thankfully, there are many organizations in the United States that are able help move your pets through the air or on the ground. The Best Friends Animal Society is the nation’s largest sanctuary for homeless animals and their website contains a comprehensive list of pet transport resources.  The list includes volunteer and commercial organizations that can help schedule and transport animals.  We do not work directly with any of the recommended organizations and it’s important to research each organization and make sure that they can care for your pet in a safe and timely way. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or references from other pet owners that have used their services. 

Choosing your transport organization

Transporting animals is often complex and the experience can be stressful for the pets and their owner. As a pet owner, be sure to confirm the pickup and delivery process with the transportation organization, the timeline of the transport and anything that you may need to provide for your animal during the transport. (water, food, crate, etc). You will also want to inform the handlers of any special needs your animal may have during the transport. It’s worth spending the extra time to ensure that you’ve selected a capable organization ready to handle your pet.

Who gets a ride on our flights?

The animals that we fly have often had a tough break and been left at a municipal shelter or born on the streets.  We provide each animal a life saving flight to a nonprofit adoption center in another area of the US where a loving family is waiting to adopt the pet.  Check out our flight below to see where we fly! 

How you can Help

DIMC is a 501c(3) non-profit that provides our services at no cost to the shelters and adoption centers we partner with. We rely on donations to fuel our rescue flights.  If you would like to help us keep flying thousands of animals every year to safety, please join our community at dogcopilot.org.  Thanks for your support and see you in the air!

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