Time To Celebrate!

We had a great week celebrating #GivingTuesday and would like to thank everyone who gave their time and donations to us and so many other wonderful animal rescue organziations! We appreciate all the love and support given individually and the businesses who help make our animal rescue flights possible! Every act of kindness, big or small, makes a difference. When everyone gets together for an important cause, there can be amazing results, like the results we received during our Five-Year Anniversary fundraiser.

On August 2nd, we announced we’ve been operational for five years. To celebrate, we started a fundraising campaign to save 1,000 more animal lives this year. Originally, our goal was to raise $25,000, but with everyone’s donations, large and small, we received a total of $31,280. With the funds and everyone’s support, we were able to save more abandoned animals this year and have been able to save a total of 8,037 lives in the last five years!

Giving Tuesday was influential for us and we appreciate the support given so we can continue to fly more animals to safety, but another day celebrated this week was National Mutt Day. It is a day where we get to celebrate mixed breed dogs and help save them from homelessness. Even though it isn’t National Mutt Day anymore, we encourage everyone to visit their local shelter and consider adopting an adorable mutt.

Adoption Update:

“My Sweet Piper cabe by way of the Dog Is My CoPilot to Montana and I’m so glad she did! We were destined to find each other. We adopted three rescue dogs from the Humane Society of Western Montana. Two lab mixes, Timber and Derby. One miniature pinscher mix, Piper, who came via DIMCP!”

Thank you- Chelsea Argo & Family

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