Two Cane Corsos, far away from home

Typically when Dog Is My CoPilot runs a flight of rescue animals, these dogs and cats are homeless. We are flying animals that have been abandoned or found on the street and we are delivering every animal to adoption centers, where they’ll find loving homes across the northwest. The average dog we save is 20-70lbs and we fly a variety of breeds. Recently, we had a unique flight when two massive Cane Corso needed a lift!  

Escaped and Taken

The two Cane Corsos, Ira and Ty were in their yard in Odessa, Texas with a locked gate and tall fencing. It is unclear how they got out of the yard, but they were found by a family visiting from Utah. Instead of turning them into the local Animal Control, they decided to take the 2 dogs home with them to Vernal, Utah. The female, Ira, did not get along with the family’s other small dogs, so they turned Ira and Ty into their local shelter. This shelter has a euthanizing program due to overcrowding and these large dogs are often hard to adopt. The shelter did discover that the dogs were chipped and the owners were notified, so Ira and Ty were safe for now.

Logistics to get Ira and Ty home

Although the family was elated that Ira and Ty were ok, they were not in a position to come and get the dogs which were now a long drive away from their home. The logistics of transporting 2 very large dogs, staying in hotels, and traveling with their two young children, seemed like an impossible task. The dogs were becoming at-risk of being euthanized before a group of local animal rescue partners came to save the day. The partners tried to coordinate ground transport for the dogs, but because they were over 1000 miles away, this seemed to be impractical. Before long, Nancy O’Conner at Paws for Life contacted Dog Is My CoPilot to see if we could help.

Big Dog comes in for the Rescue

In order for a rescued animal to be transported on Dog Is My CoPilot’s airplane, Big Dog, each and every animal must be cleared for flight. Our preflight checklist  includes vaccinations and health certificates for every pet. The staff at the Uintah Shelter in Vernal, Utah sprang into action to get the logistics arranged and even drove the dogs to the vet in their personal cars. The staff volunteered to bring the Cane Corso’s to the airport early in the morning to have everything ready for our predawn flight. The Big Dog made a couple extra stops to transport Ira and Ty on its way to Laredo, Texas to pick up another round of rescue animals.

Going the extra mile

Normally we do not get the opportunity to bring dogs back to their original owners. But why not help a family that wants their dogs back? Getting these two large dogs out of the shelter, that already have a home, creates space for 2 more animals in desperate need of a loving furever home. In the long run, by getting these Cane Corsos home, we are able to help more animals that are not as fortunate.  

More to come 

Earlier this year, we shared with you that we’ve saved over 14,000 animals and we’re on track to reach 15,000 lives saved.  Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing the incredible story of lucky dog number 15,000 soon.  


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