16,000 animals rescued and counting!

Just over a year ago, we were saving our 12,000th animal.  And here we are…16,000 animals strong with no sign of stopping ✈️ 

Deemed unadoptable

We have rescued animals that are young and healthy and animals that need a second chance at life. Unfortunately, many of our source shelter partners do not have the resources or ability to treat every medical condition or injured animal under their care. These animals can be labeled  “code red” and need special attention and quick transportation to an adoption center. One of our source partners, Laredo Animal Shelter, would love to help every rescued animal that comes through their door, but due to limited medical funding, can’t always provide medical services for every situation. While these dogs are deemed unadoptable in Texas, Dog Is My CoPilot and the Animal Adoption Center (AAC) are excited to bring them to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where they can get the care they need before finding loving, forever homes.


Patty getting a lucky ride

A two year-old german shepherd named Patty is our lucky 16,000 passenger.  Patty tested positive for a tick borne illness and based on that result, Patty was considered unadoptable at our source shelter.  Our partner, The Animal Adoption Center has existing funding that allowed Patty to receive the medical treatment she needed for a happy and prosperous life. A quick life saving flight allowed Patty and other rescued pups to live their best life in the Tetons and elsewhere across the Northwest. 

A partnership that has rescued many

The Animal Adoption Center has been involved with 66 Dog Is My CoPilot rescue flights in 2020. They’ve received and adopted over 300 animals from Texas, Utah, Idaho, California, and Arizona which is double their average intake and adoptions for a year.  When this pandemic began, we were unsure what the animal adoption landscape would be, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from everyone in the adoption community.

Old Bill’s Reminder

Remember that we are getting towards the end of the Old Bills fundraising season with just  over two weeks to go!  There are so many great organizations that are part of the Old Bill’s Fundraiser like Dog Is My CoPilot and the Animal Adoption Center.  For more information, how to donate, or participate in the virtual run, please go to: https://www.cfjacksonhole.org/old-bills/


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