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Recently, Dog Is My CoPilot and our founder Peter “The Pilot” Rork, were featured in a story for CBS Sunday Morning. The outpouring of support for our organization has been overwhelming, and a reminder about the value of our important work.

The Beginning

About 14 month ago, Conor Knighton, a reporter for CBS Sunday morning, reached out to Dog Is My CoPilot to learn more about our life saving flights. The Sunday Morning show was considering an animal themed show and wanted to include a story from our life saving flights. The reach of a nationally televised show and the possible exposure was exciting, and we were optimistic, but also knew it was probably a longshot.

Laying the Groundwork

Over the course of the next year, we were in continual contact with Conor and routinely shared updates on flights and inspiring stories about animals we helped save. Once COVID hit and our logistics became more challenging, the story became more interesting and the pieces started falling together.  CBS would have loved to be on a flight with our dogs, but because of all the COVID restrictions we had to adapt.

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We found out on Friday August 21st that the decision was made to air our story on Sunday August 23rd. We’re used to working quickly and with short notice, but this was a BIG surprise! We were excited, but couldn’t imagine the amount of loving support we received from animal lovers across the country. Thank you to the thousands of people that have joined our community. ❤️ Welcome, please follow along on our Facebook Page, and stay tuned for updates from our busy flight schedule this summer. 

We are excited for the future of Dog Is My CoPilot and many thanks to Conor Knighton and all the folks at CBS Sunday Morning who made this story possible.


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  1. Andrea Elwell
    Andrea Elwell says:

    Just saw your story on CBS Sunday Morning! You have warmed my heart! Thank you for all you do for these amazing pets in search of their forever home!!

    SATANYA A HAWS says:

    It’s so awesome to see the CBS story. Hopefully you can do even more rescues as a result. It’s an amazing gift you give.

  3. Laurence R.
    Laurence R. says:

    AWESOME, AMAZING…….Thanks for sharing. It’s really heartwarming to see and to know their happy ENDING…I really wish and hope no dog would be euthanized because of lack of place (most of the times, the shelters excuse}. Every dog should have a second chance. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case….sad!….. But nothing is impossible like your actions to save them. Such a blessing! Thanks so much!


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