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Covid-19 and helping shelter animals

We know that Coronavirus is a concerning topic for people everywhere, including pet lovers. The virus is impacting every part of our life and can be especially worrisome for animal lovers. 

Many cities and states are issuing stay at home ordinances to #flattenthecurve of coronavirus.  Animal adoption centers are in turn seeing a reduction in visits, volunteers, and adoptions at their centers.  Many shelters have had to close completely except for essential staff to care for the animals. The dramatic downturn of adoptions, as people are avoiding being in public places, are leading shelters to be overloaded with animals of all types and no room to care for them.

Fostering: How you can help

As shelters adoption centers across the country reach maximum capacity, most non-essential personnel at county shelters have been asked to work remotely. This means that most county run shelters have minimal staff onsite to feed, exercise and play with the animals. As a result, the need for emergency foster families is growing. 

By fostering, you’ll not only save a life of an animal by creating space for another homeless pet, but you’ll ensure that the animal you foster has a loving family and is well cared for during this crisis.  Because of the uncertainty with COVID 19, you might be asked to foster an animal for up to six weeks. Foster families are needed for all types of pets especially medium to large dogs and those with medical issues.  Please contact your local animal adoption center to find out how you can sign-up to become an emergency foster today.

We are by no means the experts on the coronavirus but there are many resources out there.  Currently, scientists believe that pets are not able to transfer the coronavirus. We encourage you to stay updated on the latest research and information by following the World Health Organization while they try to stay ahead of the developing story and publish additional research. 


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