California Littles Camp A Partnership with the Humane Society of Western Montana 

Many of the animals we relocate to Montana end up participating in the Critter Camp at the Humane Society of Western Montana.  This program, which is designed for 7-11 year olds, helps children build a sense of kindness, respect and responsibility for all animals and life.

Each camp runs Tuesday through Friday allowing participants to meet new friends while caring for shelter pets, build self-esteem and confidence, in both two-legged and four-legged participants.  During the week, participants care for adoptable cats, participate in clicker training dogs, and baking dog biscuits!  Kids leave camp inspired to be animal ambassadors at home, in their neighborhood and in their community, while sharing what they have learned with their family, friends and neighbors.

The Humane Society of Western Montana has programs for older kids!

The Junior Pet Trainer Camp allows 12-14 year olds to work behind the scenes with certified Professional Dog Trainers and assist HSWM staff.  They help with behavior modification, clicker training and upon completion of camp, will be eligible to walk and train shelter dogs. This is another example of the importance of involving young people with shelters and allowing them to help in the animal adoption process.

Thanks to this amazing partnership dozens of small dogs and puppies will have a second chance to find a loving forever home.  Our overcrowded partner shelters in the southwest often do not have the space to house additional animals and struggle to find adopters in their local community.  To avoid needless euthanasia, these animals receive a second chance with Dog Is My CoPilot and the Humane Society of Western Montana where they will be part of an exceptional program and find loving forever homes in Montana.

To learn more about the camp visit: http://myhswm.org/services/humane-education/critter-camp
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