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  1. Judy scollard
    Judy scollard says:

    I work with a small animal welfare organization is Port Isabel Texas, and we have a beautiful 7 year old male Alaskan Malamute that needs to go to Cold Climate, It is way too hot down here, and he is not the type of dog we are able to get a home for. Is there anyway to get him transported out of her to the North Somewhere, He is 80 lbs, Neutered, and in good health. His owner had to give him up, She has stage 4 cancer and in the hospital. He has been in our local shelter which is a kill shelter. We are a very small 501C3 organization with no one to take this large dog. We have a Santuary in Lake Tahoe that will take him, but we have no idea how to get this dog there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks You


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