Sprocket came to the AAC from Idaho Falls after he was surrendered by his owner. His owner received devastating medical news and could no longer care for Sprocket. He arrived with patchy fur and thanks to the work of our great vets we determined that he likely has some allergies. He was started on Hydrolyzed Protein food and boy what a difference that made! He went from a nervous and patchy guy to a happy, wiggly and silky dog. He loves his foster home with other dogs and cats and enjoys zooming in the yard. Although he was shy when meeting strangers at first he has really come around and loves getting treats from people. He has the most ridiculous underbite you’ve ever seen and the best, silliest personality. Sprocket is a happy-go-lucky guy who will fill your life with so much fun and laughter. He will likely need an allergy-friendly diet for the rest of his life which can be a bit more expensive but we promise when you meet him you will see that it is worth it! Get in touch with us to learn more about Sprocket!

Adult – 2 years old / Male / Beagle Mix


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