Lifesaving Year

As we look back on a difficult but rewarding year, seeing the smile and joy in families all over the country is our reminder of why we provide critical transportation services to overcrowded animal shelters.

Working alongside our incredible teams of rescue and shelter partners, we saved over 3,500 lives together, but that’s not it!  Your dedication to helping shelter pets supported growth that will forever mean more life-saving.  In 2020, we had four volunteer pilots that completed 55 rescue flights.  In 2021, we will be doubling the number of volunteer pilots. With these additional pilots, we will be expanding the number of flights we can offer to our current partners, while also answering the needs of new shelter and rescue partners. We will be able to reach even more at risk animals and fly them to their forever homes!

Thank you for being part of our biggest year yet.  To celebrate, we want to share a few stories and pictures of the animals that have found homes in 2020, thanks to you!

“Pancake has brought such an intense joy into our lives. She loves snuggling in bed in the morning, playing with her favorite animal toys and learning new things – like she can eat snow! We feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and can’t wait to teach her new things and explore more of this magical place we live. Thank you so much to Dog is My CoPliot for the incredibly important work you do!”

 Percy is so smart, I’ve kept up on his prison program training.  I’m a physical therapist so he gets the best care along with grain free food, supplements, and yummy treats. He’s the biggest baby/cuddle bug!  I lost my other rescue in June, I wasn’t ready to love again but when I saw his photos I know he was the one! Thank you for my best friends ever!


From Fospice pup to cherished family member, Lex flew straight into our hearts aboard Dog Is My CoPilot on 6/6/20.  Thanks to them, Humane Society of North Texas, and Green Heart Rescue, we got to spend the last four months of this beautiful soul’s  life with him.  Sadly, Lex crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 10/8/20


Cece joined our family in August and has already turned into quite the adventure dog! We go on daily walks in the canyon behind our house, and we’re slowly working our way up to longer hikes in the mountains around Sun Valley, Idaho. When not exploring with her nose to the ground, Cece is training in obedience, going on puppy play dates, learning basic agility moves, and perfecting her snuggling techniques. She loves camping and car rides, and while she’s not 100% on board with snow yet, we’re confident that this Texas pup will learn to love the winter, too.


It is honestly hard to put into words just how much we love Luther. We adopted Luther about four months ago from the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, WY, and even though it was over a four hour drive each way from our home in Livingston, MT, there was something about Luther in his photos that we just knew he would be worth the trip. He spent nearly the whole drive home curled up in my lap and has enhanced our happiness to an inexplicable degree ever since. We are an active couple who love to be outdoors and Luther is game for any adventure. He has climbed up mountains, hiked across the Beartooth Wilderness, kayaked the Yellowstone River and is a great buddy for runs and bike rides. We love to see how happy he is outside; bounding along a trail like a deer, barrelling through a foot of snow, and sprinting back and forth just for the fun of it. We also love a good slow morning or evenings by the woodstove and man can this dog cuddle. He will contort himself into any position to fit by your side, sometimes collapsing in what looks like a pretzel, or seemingly comfortable draped over knees or ankles, or falling over backwards to land in your lap. Luther came to us knowing some commands but is so intelligent and eager to please that he picks up on new ones within a few tries and listens well off leash. We often wonder what Luther’s story was starting out in Abilene,Texas, but we are so glad that Dog Is My Copilot flew him out to Wyoming and the Animal Adoption Center so that we could find the most amazing dog. Multiple times a day we audibly tell Luther how great he is and how lucky we are to have him. While we are mostly sure he does not understand the words, we know he feels the sentiment.

~Cayley and Allen Livingston, MT

 We treasure our current animals and welcoming someone new was a long process with lots of worry about he/she accept out pets or be scared/distant.  Momo-Chan (little peach) in Japanese has made our life complete and everyone loves her!




 MURRAY loves Olive and Louie and they love him!  He is eating like a monster, such a sweet boy, and we’re falling more in love with him every day. Murray is but one example of the way you save lives and we are examples of the lives that you enrich. Thank you!

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