The ultimate goal in the animal welfare industry is to keep people and pets together, but sometimes assistance is needed to make this happen. Many times, Animal Humane Officers are put into difficult situations when they find animals that need extra care and attention. And as animal lovers, they are able to make powerful decisions that can change the trajectory of the animals in their city. This is one of those stories.

A big heart

Myrna De La Torre is an animal humane officer for Animal Services in El Paso, Texas. She was driving around during her regular animal welfare checks and came across an owner that had two adult dogs that accidentally had a litter of ten puppies.  While this owner loved their dogs, they did not have the resources to care for the new family.  When Officer De La Torre arrived, four of the puppies had already died of malnutrition and she realized something had to change quickly. 

Officer sprang to action

Officer De La Torre immediately provided the owner with food and told them she would be back the next day. By the time De La Torre returned to the house the next day, only three puppies were alive.  The owner allowed Officer De La Torre to take the remaining puppies to El Paso Animal Services where they could receive immediate medical attention. Officer De La Torre helped the owner spay and neuter the adult dogs to ensure that the parents would not have puppies again and left them with food.   

Big Dog to the Rescue!

Early this winter, the three adorable pups made the journey on the “Big Dog” with Dog Is My CoPilot to Jackson Hole, Wyoming thanks to our partners El Paso Animal Services and Animal Adoption Center. After a very tumultuous start to their lives, the three puppies have all found forever homes! 

The Puppies Find New Life in Wyoming!

There is so much we all have to say about 2020 – in some ways it was kinder than other years – with the pressures of social life and travel gone, we have all enjoyed more of our own meals and focusing on the relationships closest to us. In other ways, it has been one of the hardest and strangest years – full of heartaches for the state of our country and our world. We are still incredibly grateful 2020 still brought us many blessings, Justin and I got married and settled into our new home in Jackson Hole. We were missing one thing to make it complete. Pancake has brought such an intense joy into our lives. She loves snuggling in bed in the morning, playing with her favorite animal toys and learning new things – like she can eat snow! We feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and can’t wait to teach her new things and explore more of this magical place we live. Thank you so much to Dog is My CoPliot for the incredibly important work you do!


El Paso Animal Services

Dog Is My CoPilot is fortunate to have partners like the El Paso Animal Services and the Animal Control Officers that work with them in El Paso, Texas.  These rescue organizations and support staff have a thankless job where the number of stray animals outnumber the available adoptable homes.  Partnerships like this provide inspiration, and remind us what collaboration can accomplish in each of our own communities!  El Paso Animal Services are changing the lives of animals and their owners in their community.  “We are no longer just a shelter. We’re here to provide pet resources that go beyond the shelter walls,” said Ramon Herrara of the El Paso Animal Services.

Give Thanks at Year End

We are looking forward to flying into the new year and saving thousands of more lives together! Please join us in making 2021 just as meaningful and impactful as 2020 has been.  Your support goes straight to work, allowing us to transport pets so they can find forever homes.



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  1. Jan M Skipo
    Jan M Skipo says:

    Hi; I very much appreciate your help to save the pups…………….and I think it is just terrible that a stupid human owner had to accidentally have 10 pups so most of them died……………………..Terrible.

  2. Harry T Saurman
    Harry T Saurman says:

    Thank you so much for rescuing those wonderful puppys I was having a bad day untill i saw your post about the 3 pups.And the videos and pictures really warmed my heart.I cant tell you how much this touched me.I kinda agree with Jan M.,how can people let things get so bad.Im so thankful for you guys and proud to be a part of your calling.I just wish i could afford more.Thank you,thank you & thank you

  3. mike
    mike says:

    It’s hard for me to try and understand that someone can just seat there and watch dogs die of starvation and do nothing. That person should go to jail. dog and cat’s or for that matter any animal wants nothing but to share there love and to be loved. thank god for the other three to be found and saved by the person that went to check. Looks like now they have a family that will give them the home and love they deserve. Thanks also to the wonderful love and work of Dog is my Copilot. happy new year to all those that care.

  4. Rita
    Rita says:

    Yes it is so sad when pet owners do not get their animals spayed or neutered. There needs to be more resources and help to end this type of neglect. I proudly work for a non profit that does low cost veterinary services including spay and neuter for dogs and cats. We are seeing a huge growing need while we do between 12-60 pets per day, Tuesday through Friday. We can only try to educate the public about how crucial this is. Thank you for all you do!


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