Time to celebrate! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you for your passion, your dedication, your generosity, and kindness. We are blown away from the generosity and outpouring of support on Giving Tuesday.  Your incredible acts of kindness will help hundreds of pets find their way home!

With the help of Lulu’s Fund, this year we were able to double the first $10,000 of your donations  💖Lulu went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 28, 2019.  Tim and Sandy are deeply grateful for the 15 years of great joy, happiness and abundant love they shared with this little pug, who will forever be known as “their puppy”.  Lulu was a much beloved member of the Day family, and through Lulu’s Fund they provide assistance to many dogs in need – and help them find their very own loving families.  We can’t thank the Timothy T. Day Foundation enough for their support of our GivingTuesday matching campaign in honor of Lulu’s life. 

All of the money we raised during GivingTuesday will help us save more dogs like Riley. 

Riley was on a recent Dog Is My CoPilot rescue flight and it has not taken her very long to find the perfect snuggle spot on every couch in her new forever home. She’s even made friends with the cats already part of her new family.  Riley has found her happy place on hikes, in the dog park or chasing rabbits outside.  

Riley she is JOYFUL, loyal, loving, snuggly.  She hikes or goes to the dog park every weekend, leaping into the car with enthusiasm when time to go. She has her “spot” on every couch in the house and still loves snuggling every second she gets. She and the kids are best buddies. Still loves to chase rabbits and protective in our home (if someone comes over, very rare during Covid, we’ve learned if we introduce her outside first then she’s fine). She and the cats peacefully co-exist, even sharing the couch nicely 🙂 She is healthy, happy, full of life and I am grateful every day for her ❤️❤️


We are eternally grateful for everyone that contributed on GivingTuesday. Thank you 💖 

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  1. Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez says:

    I love all animals but dogs and cats still melt me down. I am recently retired and would love to contribute to this wonderful program…..and yes I have cleaned cages and plenty of poop in my days….look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,


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