Lightspeed Headset Supports Our Team

Rescuing dogs and cats is a logistical challenge. Of course, there are obstacles with coordinating the relocation of animals between shelters and rescue partners.  But once the animals are in the sky, most of the time they are calm, and sleeping for their journey north. This is when Peter the Pilot takes over in the adventure and where Lightspeed helps us on our life saving flights. 

Headset for the Big Dog

Recently, Dog Is My CoPilot received a headset from Lightspeed Aviation. This company builds high quality aviation headsets for pilots.  Since their inception in 1996, Lightspeed has been the leader in wearable ANR technology headsets. They’re based in Lake Oswego Oregon, outside Portland, and we have delivered many animals to partners in their vicinity and their high quality communication devices have helped us with these flights. 

Peter Flies Alone

Once the rescued dogs and cats are loaded into the plane, Peter likes to quickly get off the ground and head to the next destination.  We often fly to multiple destinations in one day and Pilot Peter prefers to spend as little time on the ground as possible. During the flight, it is very important that our flight team be in constant contact with the various flight towers across the flight plan.  As Peter said, “This is an essential part of our equipment for the pilots who volunteer their time to Dog Is My CoPilot.”  We’re incredibly fortunate to have 3 volunteer pilots that donate their time to fly the Big Dog to our rescue partners.  Lightspeed headsets, and all of our modern aviation equipment, makes each and every flight that much easier and safer. 




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