Thanks to you they are home

Despite being a challenging year, 2020 has us thankful for our community of animal lovers. This year, even with delays and schedule changes from COVID, we flew more flights than ever and formed new partnerships with shelters across southern Texas. We can’t thank you enough for your support during these challenging times.

You’ll love seeing the smile on the faces of these lucky pups that have found a forever home after their rescue flight.


Charlotte comfy in her new home!           Percy loving the outdoors and snuggling! 


Lucinda is living the good life.                Francis is looking cute in this whiskey box!


Would you like to give a dog or cat a second chance at life?  Check out our Adoption page to find an animal in your area who needs a forever home.  



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  1. Barbara L Faubion
    Barbara L Faubion says:

    I wish that every human could look into the eyes of these beautiful dogs and cats and feel the love that they give without question. They all depend on being loved and cared for with dignity and your organization certainly goes above and beyond. I would ask that we all dig a little deeper into our resources and help each and every one to find that forever hug and home. Thank you to you and all of your volunteers.

  2. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Barbara said it all! Thank you, thank you for your work! Love seeing the photos – especially these cute and happy kids with their new dog friends.

  3. Colette Supica
    Colette Supica says:

    Thanksgiving in action!
    Thank you for these heartwarming pictures when the need for hope is so great.
    In gratitude,

  4. Trinh Lieu
    Trinh Lieu says:

    They are beautiful creatures, loyal companions, big and small. I turn into pieces whenever they give me a friendly, innocent, grateful look. We can’t all do what you’re professionally and selfish-lessly doing for them, but I, for one, can certainly lend financial and emotional support. Please count me in anytime.


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