National Foster a Pet Month

This month, we are celebrating National Foster a Pet Month with our partners Petco Love, a national non-profit working to lead and inspire change for animals, and Skechers’ charity footwear collection, BOBS from Skechers, by encouraging more people to foster pets.

Did you know that if less than 2% of the 85-million pet-owning households in the U.S. fostered one pet a year, we could eliminate preventable euthanasia in animal shelters nationwide tomorrow?

How can you help? 

The easiest way to be a part of Foster a Pet Month is to support your local animal shelter. You can donate to the organization to support the animals looking for new homes, take the pets for walks or FOSTER a pet overnight or up to a few weeks or more! 

When you visit your local animal adoption center or municipal shelter, take a minute to ask about their fostering program. Most nonprofit animal adoption centers are always looking for new families to foster pets and prepare animals for their forever homes. You can be the first one to teach the pet basic house manners so it will thrive in it’s new adopted home. Remember, fostering is temporary so it’s not a long term commitment and if you already have a pet you’ll be helping to socialize the new animal. Best of all, fostering a pet makes you feel good as you’re saving the life of an at-risk animal. 

Do you know that feeling when you come home, open up the door and your best friend is waiting to greet you at the door? If just a small portion of animal lovers were to foster a pet, this feeling of unconditional love would be spread around the world and thousands of at-risk animals would be safe. 

Right now, thousands of animals are living in shelters with limited social interaction. We’re always overwhelmed by the pictures from our partners of adoptable animals waiting for temporary homes as part of their rehoming journey. 

Meet Rolly + Polly from Texas overcrowded shelter

Passengers on the Big Dog and flew to their rescue and foster families in Wyoming and Montana!

Meet Lupine from Laredo Texas!  Now in loving foster home in Wyoming!

Will you contact your local animal shelter or one of our partners today to learn more about their foster programs? 

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  1. Natasha
    Natasha says:

    I want to thank Dr. Roak ! He transported Our Missygirl and Oreo who are two little Rat terriers to their forever home 😊. Missy was abandoned in a camping trailer with two other dogs in Texas. Oreo was in LA , Cali. Abandoned by his owner, transported to Utah . Then Oreo thought he found his forever home.. but no! Oreo was returned to Paws for life in Heber.. I read his very sad story and took Missy for a meet and greet and the rest is history . they are both finally home 😊🐾🐾🐾


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