Flying Passengers 18,000 Home

This week, Cinnamon and Buns were our lucky 18,000 and 18,001 passengers! 

We picked up these cute duo at Laredo Animal Services in Laredo, Texas and flew them, along with about 80 other pets, up to the Humane Society of Utah and other Colorado + Idaho partners. 

Loredo is a city on the Mexican border, in southern Texas. The Laredo Animal Care Facility receives animals from individuals who are no longer able to care for their pets as well as any lost or stray animals in search of a good home. Many of the stray animals in their region have been without a home since birth or have been abandoned and are confused and frightened when they arrive at the shelter. 

The Laredo Animal Care Facility works to rehome these animals with the support of rescue organizations to ensure that as many lives are saved as possible. The stakes are high for many of these animals and every rescue flight frees up space and helps to ensure that the amazing team in Laredo can continue to care for the animals in their shelter. 

As we enter our busy summer flying season, follow along on Facebook for frequent updates and videos from our volunteer pilots. We’ll be back in Laredo soon and plan to visit a number of partners in southern Texas before the end of the month. 



Thank you to the Lulu’s Fund who have been by our  side since the very beginning. We are so gratuefl to have their support to help us save more lives!  

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  1. Janine Heizler
    Janine Heizler says:

    God bless you and all of your colleagues for rescuing these dear souls. May there someday be an end to the plight of homeless pets. This was Greta’s wish…..
    (Greta’s Wish… Rottweiler Orphanage)


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