A pair of Pitbulls catch a flight to Montana

Rolly and Polly began their quest to find a forever home months ago. Recently, their search was accelerated when Archangel Animal Network + the staff at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control shelter in Texas realized the urgency of their care. Rolly and Polly needed to find their way out of Texas, before their life was in danger. 

The Journey Begins

Rolly and Polly were in rough shape at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Shelter. Both dogs had mange, a parasitic skin disease caused by microscopic mites that causes severe skin lesions and hair loss.   Both dogs also had severe upper respiratory infections.  On top of that, Rolly tested positive for Heartworm and required a treatment plan. Polly, was the bigger concern because she had stopped eating and had a UTI infection. On May 7th, 2021, the staff at the shelter realized they needed to step in to save these pups. A kennel techs who had fallen in love with Rolly and Polly brought them home to foster for a short period of time so they could well enough to be transported on the Big Dog. At the shelter, Rolly and Polly were kenneled together and formed a friendship.  Once the dogs were out of the shelter in their foster home, their health improved and their hair even began to grow back! 

Dog Is My CoPilot to the Rescue

Dog Is My CoPilot was brought in with the help of Life Savers Animal Rescue during the transportation logistics for these dogs. Bringing Rolly and Polly to a northern state improved their chances of adoption and to find a forever home. Their final destination is at Camp Duford in Montana with Animal Life Savers would provide them safety and security in a rescue while they healed before being placed up for adoption. During a layover in Jackson Hole, WY,  both dogs got the opportunity to stay for a couple of wonderful days with our Executive Director, Kara Pollard and her family while they were  spayed and neutered.  The final leg of the journey would be a flight to Camp Duford outside of Glacier National Park in Montana. Here, in Montana Rolly has started heartworm treatment.  

A special thank you

Thank you to the amazing support from all the organizations that were able to help save these two pups. Life Savers Animal Rescue and Camp Duford were instrumental in making all the connections for this pair of pups to make it to Montana and finding them a place to heal.  Fort Worth Animal Care and Control recognized the value in rescuing these two pups and knowing that it was their turn to find a forever home. Petco Love has financially supported Dog Is My CoPilot and many other rescue organizations to rescue Rolly and Polly and thousands of other animals across the country. Finally, thank you to our Dog Is My CoPilot volunteer pilots, without their dedication and talents, we would not be able to rescue one animal.  It takes a village to rescue one pup let alone the thousands that have flown with us in our rescue flights.  We are thankful for all those that donate time and resources to make rescues like Rolly and Polly a possibility.

Rolly + Polly are available for adoption!

While, both dogs love each other a home separate will suit both their needs better.  They both love people and will do best in a home with dogs their size.  To learn more about adopting Rolly + Polly please visit: https://www.lsar.org

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  1. Angie Esplana
    Angie Esplana says:

    Oh my heart hurt when I read the story about Rolly & Polly pups, it truly aches my heart for animals suffering out there. I wish a ban/law would go into place to stop all breeding of dogs & cats, there are way to many in shelters, not to mention suffering! Yes, it may sound extreme to ban all breeding, but if it would stop the homelessness, and suffering of all these unwanted, not to mention abused animals, then so be it. Besides, man has not done right by these precious companions God gave us…


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