Flying 20,000 Home

20,000th Animal Rescued in 2021

It is hard to believe that just 3 short years ago Peter the Pilot rescued his dog, Mr. Hobbs, from Amazing Grace Pet Rescue in Hobbs, NM. This week, Peter the Pilot was fortunate enough to go back to Hobbs, New Mexico and pick up Cisco with Pilot Jen Boman! He is a 6 week old puppy looking for a home and is rescue number 20,000! 

3 day old pups are found all alone 

Cisco and his sisters, River and Maple were only a few days old when they were found under a trailer house in Hobbs, New Mexico. The people who found these three puppies, took them home and tried to bottle feed them with little success. Fortunately, the rescuers brought Cisco and his sisters to Amazing Grace Pet Rescue who had the expertise with bottle feeding to get these pups stronger and healthier. Amazing Grace Pet Rescue was founded in 2014 and is committed to keeping pets safe, happy, and healthy while animals wait to be placed in a forever home. 

Dog Is My CoPilot to the rescue

 Amazing Grace Pet Rescue, along with Gina Beard and other Denver City, TX based groups take in hundreds of animals and coordinate monthly flights with  Dog Is My CoPilot to help save hundreds of dogs in overcrowded rural New Mexico + West Texas animal shelters. 

By the time of the flight, Cisco has been thriving with his two other brothers and sisters and gaining weight rapidly.  Although, Cisco is the runt of the litter we think he certainly has the most personality of the group! We are sure that he will quickly get adopted through Bounce Animal Rescue, the receiving adoption center in Fort Collins, CO. 

Where to now?

Bounce Animal Rescue of Fort Collins, CO had the ability to take Cisco along with dozens of other puppies and dogs. Bounce Animal Rescue is a unique rescue organization because they do not have a physical facility. They are 100% foster-based, meaning that all of their animals live within people’s homes throughout the state of Colorado. This type of rescue system allows animals to live in a home environment and start on basic training and home etiquette. It also allows Bounce Animal Rescue to better match up animals with adopters as they learn the specifics of each animal’s personalities.

What’s next?

In the next couple weeks we will be flying 20+ flights from the southwest to the northwest. There are still plenty of dogs and cats in need of rescue and just looking for their forever home. 

We have gone from flying 1,000 rescue animals a season to 1,000 rescue animals in a month. There will always be a need for our free service and we would love your support. If you would like to donate, your support will allow us to continually provide free transportation to animal shelters so they can help find these animals a forever home.

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  1. Audie E Bock
    Audie E Bock says:

    Reports are so inspiring! I can hardly believe you’ve rescued 20,000 dogs in such a short time. Thanks for being available through Old Bill’s again this year–I love doubling my donation that way. (My shelter mutt thanks you too.)


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