Tips for Successful Transfer Partnerships

Dog Is My CoPilot is fortunate to have so many great partners who help organize the transportation of rescue animals.  It takes time, coordination, and patience to transport at-risk animals from source-shelters to destination shelters.

In part one of the American Pets Alive blog post, “10 Tips all Source Shelters should know for Successful Transfer Partnerships”, by Clare Callison, she talks about how a source shelter can take the initiative to get their animals to forever homes and rescue as many animals as possible.

Clare discusses how organizations, whether they are brand new or a shelter veteran, need clear communication and organization transparency to be successful. Using social media platforms and quality images and videos, shelters can help to show potential partners and adopters the need for transportation services and more adoptions.

These coordinated efforts to move rescue animals takes trust between partners. The needs of these rescue animals are at the heart of every decision an organization makes. Being successful relies on the shelters to be organized and network amongst each other to find a good home for these animals.

Part two of this informative blog series is dedicated to the destination shelters.  These blogs and more information can be found on the American Pets Alive Blog. American Pets Alives mission is to end the urgent crisis facing shelter animals by helping save the millions of dogs, cats, and other potential pets needlessly being killed across the country each year. Dog Is My CoPilot is a proud supporter of their work and thankful for their commitment to their mission.

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