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PAWS and THINK!® Supports DIMC

When we fly an animal to a new family, we’re always reminded about the influence dogs have in our lives.  Miranda Mittleman was inspired by her four legged friend and turned her passion for animals into a series of children’s books.  

Miranda’s Inspiration

Miranda Mittleman grew up in Baltimore, Maryland where she developed her love for poetry and can recite many poems from her childhood by heart. After graduating college and meeting her husband, Miranda adopted a mutt named Weaver through an amazing rescue organization called We Rescue Love, Inc. While living in Baltimore, Miranda was inspired to write the PAWS and THINK!® children’s series after all the adventures she was having with her new adopted dog.


The book series is about the lessons we learn from our animal companions. Each story describes an experience from when Weaver was a young pup and describes important life lessons to Miranda’s young readers The stories cover sportsmanship, thankfulness, being different, and self-importance. The books are light hearted, well illustrated, and relatable for any child interested in learning and growing. 

DIMC: Charity of the Quarter

We are excited to be named the PAWS and THINK!® Charity of the Quarter.  Every quarter, Miranda donates a portion of her book sales to a different organization helping those in need.  During the fourth quarter of 2020, Dog Is My CoPilot will be that recipient.  Check out all 4 books in the PAWS and THINK!® series and help support DIMC. This is the perfect time of year to give a gift that supports Dog Is My CoPilot and a book that encourages our young people to grow into better people.


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