Rescue stories that will warm your heart

Thanks to you, this year we flew 2,741 dogs and cats to safety and also celebrated flying our 10,000th passenger! We are so incredibly grateful for the lifesaving work that people like you and our partners make possible throughout the year. 

This heartwarming video documents the arrival of a few very special passengers!  Sugar, Kona, Pico, and Ruthie were saved from an overcrowded animal shelter in San Antonio, Texas and were Pilot Peter’s CoPilots and flew all the way to Jackson, Wyoming where they finally got the second chance they deserved. Little did they know their lives would be changed forever the moment they touched ground—you can check out all the adventures that these pups are having now in the stories below! 


“It was truly love at first sight! Sugar was extremely timid and shut down when we first got her – she didn’t play, shedidn’t run, she was terrified of everything. Within 2 weeks she was a completely different dog! We joke that she is part cheetah because she runs SO fast! Sugar is now a playful, sometimes rambunctious, puppy. She’s gentle with our kids and our cat and has been pretty easy to train. She likes to sleep on her human sister’s bed and does not like to be alone. The one difficulty we’ve had is that she is still fearful of men for some reason. Even now she gets easily frightened by her human dad and does not listen to him well. We continue to work on this.  Sugar has been a joy to have in our family and we are so thankful she found us all the way from TX. We love her somuch!!”




“Dog is My Copilot is one of my favorite organizations now because it made it possible for Pico and me to meet. My boyfriend saw a newspaper article posted about the dogs they flew to the Animal Adoption Center, and told me “you don’t want to miss out on dogs like these.” He was right. As soon as I picked him up from the Adoption Center our first trial night, I knew I was never giving him back. Pico is my first dog, and as a newbie dog owner, he has gone pretty easy on me (only destroying 2 paper towel rolls, and putting a few holes in my tent – these were used as learning experiences for the both of us).

Within 4 days of getting to know each other, Pico went backpacking, got a new dog buddy named Denali, and fit right in to the art gallery scene in Jackson (I work at Turner Fine Art gallery, and he comes to work with me every day). He loves meeting and playing with other dogs, getting belly scratches, romping on trails, and he is getting acquainted with his first Winter (cold toes!). He road tripped to Colorado in July to go on vacation with my family where he was loved up by my brothers and parents, got to try out swimming, and went on his first boat ride. He is a perfect example of a Love-a-bull (pittbull), working to give a great breed of dogs a better reputation. I’m so glad to have Pico as my copilot!”



“To say our experience with Ruthie has been a success would be an understatement. We’ve grown so close to her over the past several months, it’s hard to imagine life without her. It feels like fate or at least serendipity brought her to the farmer’s market that day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We’ve temporarily moved back to Louisiana so I can finish school. Before we left Wyoming, Ruthie and I took a trip into the Wyoming backcountry in a place called the “Winds” and she loved it! She’s loyal, tuned to our emotions, and has been a peach in terms of obedience and house-training. We’re so grateful to have such a wonderful pup in our lives.”  Scott and Madeline


“You would never guess Kona,would be the dog she is today. Even upon meeting her and bringing her into our home, we were a bit hesitant about her personality and temperament. WOW were we mistaken, Kona out-hikes, out- climbs, out-swims, out- runs, OUT EVERYTHING’s us! She is hilarious, sweet, goofy, WEIRD!! (some times I wonder if she is part mountain goat!) We love her and cannot imagine life without her. She is a wonderful dog.

When we brought her into our home, she was soooo scared of my fiancé (males specifically). Since then she has warmed up and even “play wrestles” with him (yes, she is the Winning Contender of the house). Everyday she warms up more and more to him, and males in general.

Kona is an amazing compliment to our German Shepherd- Border Collie mix. We even got her DNA tested to figure out just exactly what in the world she is made of. Turns out, a little Rottie, Husky, Pittie and Terrier will make the Kones… aka Kona. We seriously could not be happier with our adoption. She has been the best fit for our family and our lifestyle. THANK YOU, TEXAS and THANK YOU WYOMING!!!! 

PS. She is the best cuddler in the world and is the perfect size! She even LOVES SNOW, that’s how we know she was the perfect choice!

Thank you so much!”
Jorden, Kimberly, Atticus & Kona Trent!

Rescues stories like Sugar, Kona, Pico, and Ruthie are only made possible by your support.  Please consider making a donation to Dog Is My CoPilot to help us save more lives! Every gift makes a difference– $50 moves 1 animal and $5,000 saves an entire plane load of over 100 furry passengers!  You can make a LIFE SAVING donation HERE.

Thank you for being part of the Dog Is My CoPilot crew, we are so grateful to our entire community who make this life saving work possible!


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