Shrek and Fiona find their fur-ever home! #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is on November 27, and we wanted to share a story about two very special Dog Is My CoPilot passengers to celebrate this global day of giving back! Shrek and Fiona were found abandoned in the Central Valley of California with only a handful of food and suffering from a terrible case of mange.  It was obvious this brother and sister had been neglected for most of their life.


Take a look at them now in this heartwarming video with Pilot Peter.  You won’t believe their transformation in just a few short months!


When animal control picked them up their plan was to euthanize these pups but Sharon Lohman with New Beginnings for Merced County Animals saw the beauty in these dogs and reached out to Lynette Duford with Life Saver Animal Rescue in Northwest Montana who agreed to take them on and get them on the path of healing.  Dog Is My CoPilot provided the long distance transport!




After traveling on the ‘Big Dog’, foster mom extrondianirre Lynette Duford, unloaded Shrek and Fiona and they started on the road to recovery the second they landed in her arms.   With lots of love, kisses, snuggles and some (medication) these two lovely dogs started to flourish and eventually found their way into the loving arms of their fur-ever mom!



Shwanda of Missoula, Montana just couldn’t resist their ‘hippo-like’ appearance and overwhelmingly sweet personalities.  Instead of only adopting one as she originally planned she couldn’t imagine this bonded pair living apart so she took this brother and sister duo straight back home with her!

“I had been following their story since the moment they landed in Montana.  Shrek and fiona are both very smart, learn quickly and always want to please.  They love playing hard and snuggling long!  I think I needed them as much as they need me, its a perfect match” said Shwanda, Shrek and Fiona’s mom.

Rescues like Shrek and Fiona are only made possible by your contribution.  Please consider making a donation to Dog Is My CoPilot to celebrate #GivingTuesday and help us save more lives just like this fun loving hippo pair! Every gift makes a difference– $50 moves 1 animal and $5,000 saves an entire plane load of over 100 furry passengers!  You can make a LIFE SAVING donation HERE.

Thank you for being part of the DIMC crew we are so grateful to our entire community who makes this life saving work possible!


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