Texas Flight Made Possible by Wondercide

Wondercide sponsored Texas rescue flight

On May 26th, Austin-based Wondercide, the leader in safe and effective, plant-powered pest protection for pets, people, teamed up with  Dog Is May CoPilot to  rescue 45+ dogs from overcrowd shelters in West Texas and flew them to homes in Salt lake City, Utah and  Portland, OR!  Wondercide is also on a mission to protect pets and is excited to participate in the first Texas flight of 2021. This past holiday season Wondercide pledged to donate proceeds from the Wondercide sampler box, and Dog is My CoPilot is pleased to announce the entire flight was  made possible by Wondercide customers and this generous donation!

Lifesaving rescue flight 

The animals leaving El Paso International Airport were rescued by Heather Hall with the Underground Dog organization from several West Texas rural shelters, in addition to about 40 dogs being rescued from El Paso Animal Services. They will be transported to Portland-Troutdale Airport, where they will be greeted by Julie Zagrans from One Tail at a Time PDX and several families ready to foster, and hopefully adopt, their new furry friends.

Sunny makes journey on the Big Dog! 

Sunny and his 40+ friends found them themselves in overcrowded shelters thats when El Paso Animal Services and the Underground Dog stepped in to help get this boy home!  Partnering up with One Tail At a Time PDX he boarded the Big Dog with Pilot Peter and Pilot Riley at 4:30am and arrived with his buddies to Portland just after 1pm and was greeted by his foster family! Some shelters are always full, some are always empty, that where Dog Is My CoPilot provides the missing link getting them there quickly  and efficiently!

The partnership continues

“When I first heard about Dog Is My CoPilot and their innovative approach to saving pets, I immediately knew we needed to connect with this incredible organization and get involved,” said Stephanie Boone, CEO and Founder of Wondercide. “They’re a shining example of what we call Fierce Love®. It’s the ‘never going to give up on you’ kind of love and Dog Is My CoPilot is taking Fierce Love® to new heights.”

The Wondercide partnership with Dog Is My Copilot was such a great success that Wondercide plans to continue donating a percentage of profits from their signature sampler boxes to the nonprofit with promotion during the holiday season to make an even bigger impact. “We love the idea of gifts that give back and will continue to look for ways to give our customers the opportunity to help us do good,” said Boone.

Thanks for the support

“The support we receive from our community of animal lovers amazes me everyday,” said Dr. Peter Rork, President and Chief Pilot for Dog Is My CoPilot. “We are humbled by the generosity of companies like Wondercide who share our mission to help protect as many pets as possible. Thank you to the Wondercide team for being a valued partner and supporting us on our first Texas flight of 2021 so we can accomplish even more life-saving efforts this year.”

Because of the support of our community and sponsors like Wondercide, we have been able to increase the number of flights for 2021 and save even more animals. If you’re interested in joining our flight team, every gift makes a difference and check back here frequently for updates on our flights.

📷 Chris Lammert

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