13,000 Animals Saved: Our Life Saving Summer

We’ve had an amazing summer and recently flew our 13,000th animal to safety ❤️❤️❤️

This sweet boy flew on the Big Dog this week to our partner rescue group Bounce Animal Rescue. Busta was hit by a car on September 10th in New Mexico and was found covered in blood and couldn’t walk. The rescue team thought he would have to be euthanized and rushed him to the local animal hospital. After lots of love, a bath, and meds, Busta was slowly recovering and stole the hearts of our partners at Amazing Grace Pet Rescue. He had a lot of head trauma, cracked jaw and broken bones in his face and still faced a few weeks of recovery.


Busta fully recovered at the end of September and was flown to Colorado on Monday as the 13,000th passenger with Dog Is My CoPilot!

We can’t express enough thanks to Amazing Grace Pet Rescue for saving Busta’s life and to Bounce Animal Rescue for accepting him into your program to help find him a loving forever home! Busta, like most pit bull and pit mixes was a great candidate for adoption. Like any dog, it’s important to have patience when welcoming a new animal into your family, stay positive and focus on training. Finding a home for pit bulls can be challenging and they’re the number one breed euthanized in shelters across the country. Unfortunately, pit bulls are often overlooked by potential adopters because of myths and misconceptions about the breed. Next time you visit your local adoption center, take a minute to see if you can find any pit bulls and you might discover the perfect animal for your family.

Thank you! We could not do this without the support of everyone in our community. If you would like to make a life saving gift today and help us fly more animals to safety  you can do so here: www.dogcopilot.org/donate

A huge thank you to the Petco Foundation for their support and sponsoring our flight that flew our 13,000th passenger to safety !


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