Flying into the New Year

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that we are only two weeks into the new year and we have already had our first life saving flight. We were able to rescue 76 animals and lucky number 21,000 on this flight. 2022 is already shaping up to be an amazing year!

Rescue 21,000

Ricco has been quietly waiting since October for his golden ticket with our amazing partner DC Paws. He was left at the animal control shelter in Denver City, TX, with a number of other animals that could no longer be cared for by their owners. This included a very large family of guinea pigs, a female dog with her litter of at least 8 pups, and another dog who was Ricco’s buddy. Everyone but Ricco, has already been rescued and adopted, even the guinea pigs. Now it’s Ricco’s turn to find his new loving forever home. He boarded the Big Dog for a flight to the Cache Humane Society in Logan, UT and is currently waiting for his forever home. Ricco is an adorable pup and we are positive he will not wait too long for his adoption day.  We are humbled by your kindness and  compassion for shelter pets and we know we wouldn’t be able to do this lifesaving work without the unwavering support of everyone in our community.

Preparing for the upcoming year

It may only be January, but we are already getting ready for the 2022 rescue season. Our team is hard at work scheduling flights, communicating with shelters and adoptions centers, and looking at new locations to serve. 

We are bringing on more volunteer pilots in 2022 and they have already received crucial training for the upcoming season. With the addition of these pilots, we will have the ability to fly to more locations, rescue more animals, and have a bigger impact than ever. We are excited to introduce these pilots in the coming months.

The Big Dog, our rescue plane, is receiving its annual checkup and currently in the shop. We fly thousands of miles every year and we want to be sure that the Big Dog is ready for every upcoming adventure. We are hopeful that the weather will cooperate with us once the Big Dog is tuned up so we can fly a few rescue flights in February! 


Stay connected in 2022

We are so excited for the upcoming season and can’t wait to share our adventures with you.  If you would like to learn more about Dog Is My CoPilot, our mission, and our latest rescue, there are several ways to stay connected. Join our mailing list at Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get daily updates about our work and to meet the many animals that we save every day.

Thank you again for keeping us “wheels up” in 2022!

Celebrating a Lifesaving Year

As 2021 comes to a close, we are thankful for you!

Our success over the last year would not be possible without the support of our loving community which has helped us save the lives of 21,000 dogs and cats from the southern tip of Texas, to the northernmost reaches of Washington State, Idaho and our newest destination North Dakota. 

We are thankful for our volunteer pilots

Our founder, Dr. Rork was joined in 2021 by six amazing volunteer pilots. They have collectively flown hundreds of volunteer hours for our rescue flights since joining our team this year. Having more pilots meant we were able to fly 5-7 days a week with a total of 75 flights in 2021 and were able to rescue more than 4,000 animals! Learn more about our volunteer pilots on the Team Page of our website!

The pilots face long and exhausting days in the air with quick loading and unloading stops on the ground to deliver animals to receiving partners. They have a challenging and demanding volunteer job, and we are in debt for their hard work. 

Brisket, pictured below found her way to Jackson, Wyoming from Laredo, Texas on one of our rescue flights in 2021. This is what her mom had to say,

“Although she has not experienced a Wyoming winter yet, we think she is going to be just fine. She is already bounding across the ranch where she lives and snuggling next to the fire with her sister cat at the end of the day. Brisket has found her happy place, she is all smiles, every day”

We are thankful for our partnerships and volunteers

Our rescue network has grown to over 150 partners across the Western states in 2021. These incredible teams of shelters and adoption centers, along with their volunteers and employees, are the backbone of our organization . We could not rescue animals without their tireless support. 

We are proud to build a trusting foundation between our partners, allowing for more animals to be flown to safety. These partnerships mean so much to our team, but even more to the animals.  

Krystal McGough, shelter manager at Idaho Humane Society said this,

A special memory from working with Dog Is My CoPilot would be anytime we see the plane land, knowing we helped save so many lives!

We are Thankful for the families of adopters and fosters

In the end, if we do not have families that are willing to adopt or foster the animals that we rescue and transport, none of our work would be possible. We are extremely thankful for all the families across our network who welcome our passengers, HOME! 

Every year, there are always a couple stories that really touch the heart of our team and this year it was  Knox, a pitbull mix that sat for nine months in an overcrowded animal shelter in Texas. As time passed, his health began to decline and he was eventually put on the euthanasia list. The shelter put out one last plea to help save him. This is when his guardian angel and super volunteer, Paula Powell, came to the rescue. Paula sprung him from the shelter and brought him home to foster, bringing him back to health over the next couple months.  On the next leg of his journey, we welcomed him on our rescue flight and flew him to a partner rescue in Montana where he joined a loving family! Saving the lives of animals like Knox is why we have dedicated ourselves to flying animals to safety and we hope you will continue to join us in saving more lives together!

We are thankful for you

From financial support, to the comments and likes on social media, it is all welcomed and appreciated. The work that we provide would not be possible without the support of our community and we are excited for what 2022 has to offer.  Here is a heartwarming updates on a passenger from Laredo, Texas that found a home in Jackson, Wyoming through the Animal Adoption Center.  His family had this to say, 

Rossi (formally Peter Pan) came to us in mid-July and immediately fell into a rhythm within our family. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog we could ever hope for and loves his cat sister, Coco. His thick coat has finally filled in after a very short shave due to the ticks and fleas in Texas. He is learning to chase balls and hike our mountains like a true Jackson pup. We waited a long time for Rossi and are grateful to Dog Is My CoPilot and the AAC for their loving dedication of rescuing animals from high risk shelters. Sincerely, The Harris Family (Adam, Kristine, Grainger and Kiki)

Annie was flown from an overcrowded shelter in Texas and arrived at Bounce Animal Rescue.  This unique organization has no central holding facility for newly arrived dogs but instead relies on a network of foster families that take in the animals before permanent homes can be found. After spending  a few nights in her foster home she landed a loving home in Boulder, CO with a young man. Annie has been found on the trails around Boulder following behind her dad on a mountain bike or just hiking along in the woods. She is very happy to have found a place to call home in Colorado.

Happy New Year and we look forward to rescuing more animals in 2022 and sharing our stories with you.


Giving Thanks to our Volunteers and Partners

Our partners and volunteers are the glue that makes our mission possible and we’re humbled to have their constant support. From the logistics of flying throughout the West to the physical moving of crates on the tarmac, our volunteers and partners are the ones on the ground who get thousands of rescued animals into forever homes.

We wanted to take a minute to highlight a few stories from this amazing group of people that make our flights happen as they are the reason we are able to rescue so many deserving animals every year. Be sure to watch this heartworming video that our amazing partners from Petco Love showcased.

Meet a few of our Partners

Matthew Lit with Colorado Dog Photography has been volunteering with us for several years.  He has photographed hundreds of dogs and cats when they arrive in Colorado and always captures the tender moments of any rescue flight. “Puppies and airplanes! [I’m just] doing a small part to help DIMC get its message out”, said Matt. Thanks Matt for capturing so many special moments!

The Palm Valley Animal Society is a new partner for us and on any given day, they can have upwards of 1,000 animals in their care! There are so many animals that come to the shelter, there is no way to get them all adopted, finding transportation solutions is a must. “The joy we receive from the early morning load-up of so many animals flying off to our rescue partners has truly been overwhelming. Our partnership with DIMC has been crucial to the success of our lifesaving work,” said the Executive Director, Donna Casamento.  You can learn more about their positive impact for animals on their Facebook page.

The Seattle Humane Society has been one of our partners for over 5 years.  When talking to a few of their staff members, Jessica Charlton and Sarah Davidson, they both remember an epic rescue adventure from a few years ago. The original rescue was a ground transport from Texas and the vehicle ended up in an accident. We were called to help with the emergency and Peter made an unscheduled flight to Southern Wyoming to pick the animals up. On his way to Seattle, Peter was grounded because of bad weather so Jessica and Sarah traveled over 12 hours out and back to get the animals in Wenatchee, WA. When the animals finally arrived at the shelter, they were greeted by happy adoption families and adoption partners. “It was one of the wildest 48-72 hours we’ve had, but we’re forever grateful for the partnership that we have with DIMC!,” said Sarah Davidson of the experience.

American Pets Alive and Archangel Animal Network are two organizations with some very special partners that we get to work with on a very regular basis!  Clare Callison has this to say about the work she is doing in Texas, “I work for American Pets Alive and focus on our national transport and rescue partnerships. I work regularly with organizations that are transporting out or looking to increase their local adoptions. I support shelters with their own transport and adoption programs, and am focused on building a Texas transport “hub” right here at Austin Pets Alive. I believe that there is an adopter out there for every shelter pet, we just need a little transport help to distribute them better!”

Delia McLinden had this to say about her work focused in Texas and our partnership, “After being a dog rescue volunteer and foster parent for 20+ years, I founded Archangel Animal Network in 2018 because I feel so strongly that rescue transport is a way to make an impactful difference NOW. In less than 2 years, we’ve been able to transport 2,000+ dogs to Northern rescue partners. Working with Dog is My CoPilot has been life changing, and I cannot express enough thanks and gratitude for their compassion, hard work and continued commitment to save more animals! Peter, Kara and all the volunteer pilots who dedicate their time are the most passionate and hard working people I know. I am honored to work alongside them to save animals.”

Laredo Animal Care Service has been a partner for 2 year.  Angie González has been working with the shelter as a volunteer and helps the staff organize the dogs for rescue day.  As you can imagine there are a lot of logistics involved in making sure that the animals are ready for flights. Angie had this to say, “Since day #1 my heart have been full with joy helping for this project. It have been a wonderful opportunity for me. Every single second have been a special memory.” They have rescued over 800 animals in the last 2 years with the help of our free flight services.

Meet our Volunteer Pilots

We have an amazing team of dedicated volunteer pilots that fly the Big Dog for our rescue missions.  This volunteer pilot team saves our organization over $100,000 a year in pilot fees, which goes directly into rescuing more pets!  We feel so fortunate to have these amazing pilots who spend long days in the cockpit loading and unloading all our passengers! We couldn’t do this work without them.

Our volunteers and partners are the backbone of our organization.  We will be highlighting more stories as we go through the holiday season and hope that you join us on Facebook or Instagram to learn about the men and women who help make our mission possible.

Rolly and Polly Have Found Forever Homes

Every year, we fly thousands of animals to new homes and rarely do we know their journey. Join our Giving Tuesday matching campaign this November 30th, and help us continue to be “wheels up”!  Let us show you how Rolly and Polly beat all expectations and are thriving in Montana!

The Backstory

We first met this pair of Pitbulls when their health was fading and we shared their story on our blog back in July. They had many medical issues including, mange, a UTI, and respiratory issues. They were on the euthansia list at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control before a Vet Tech brought them home to jump start their road to recovery. These two pitbulls were inseparable at the shelter in Texas, but would require specialized care if they had a chance to survive.

We flew them to our partners, Life Savers Animal Rescue in Montana. Both were welcomed into foster homes where they received treatments for their medical issues and hopefully find a home.We have been anxiously waiting to hear where they ended up and are pleased to say that both are happy, healthy and adopted with loving families!

Polly heads to the Ocean

Polly is loving her life as an only child in Whitefish, Montana where she is able to join her parents every day in the office and is loved by all the employees. Polly has lots of energy but still enjoys taking naps in the sun on “her” couch at home. The family recently went on a road trip to the Redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, a first for Polly. She enjoyed trying to eat the waves in the Pacific Ocean and exploring the dense pine forest with her new family.

Rolly Loves Montana, just not the cold

Rolly has found a forever home and is loving every minute. He is an only child and lives in Kalispell, Montana and is the apple of his moms eye. After being born in Texas, Rolly is having a hard time getting used to the cold in the mountains of Montana, but his mom gives him lots of blankets and jackets to keep him warm! He has been working on tricks and is getting very good at sit, stay, come, shake, down, and crawl. He lives for morning walks. And he’s *almost* okay with cold weather.

Support our lifesaving work

Saving animals like Rolly and Polly is only possible because of the loving community that supports our 501c3 non-profit and mission. We provide our flight transportation service to animal shelter partners and adoption centers free of charge to help reduce the number of animals at risk in shelters. With the support of our community, we have rescued over 20,000 animals and we are excited to rescue 20,000 more with your support.

Your donation will be matched so your generosity will go twice as far!  Donate to save more animals here >

Thank you in advance for your support!

Help Pets Take Flight to Their Forever Homes with These Gifts

Wondercide Brings their Fierce Love® to Another Texas Fight!

Dog Is My CoPilot is thankful for all our partnerships and we are extremely thankful for organizations like Wondercide, who have made a direct impact on our ability to save more animals in Texas.

What is Wondercide?

Wondercide is based in Austin, Texas and is the leader in safe & effective, plant-based pest protection for pets, people, and homes. Their products are made from naturally-derived, high quality USA-sourced ingredients. Their product lines are gentle enough to use safely on pets, families and homes, but powerful enough to Protect Your Pack from pests. In addition to its flagship line of pest protection products, Wondercide offers a full collection of natural pet care products. We love their products so much, we even use them to clean the Big Dog after every rescue flight!


Fierce Love® takes flight to save pets.

During the last holiday season, Wondercide sold a limited edition holiday sample pack. They donated a portion of those sales to support Dog Is My CoPilot and our rescue flights in their home state of Texas. This generous campaign was a resounding success and helped us fly over fifty dogs to safety on the Big Dog. 

At 4:30AM, on May 24th, 2021, the Wondercide powered rescue flight was getting ready for take off. Before sunrise, fifty animals from multiple Texas shelters were being loaded into the Big Dog on a small tarmac in Abilene, Texas. These fifty furry friends had just won the golden ticket to freedom and a rescue flight. 

The majority of these animals were headed to Portland, OR to our partner organization, One Tail at a Time. Part of the Wondercide team met Dog Is My CoPilot at the end of the trip in Oregon and were blown away by the excitement and emotion of rescue day. One Tail at a Time has a program called DogMatch which lines up adopters with rescue animals before they arrive. When these pups leave the airport, they are heading right to their forever homes. One volunteer had this to say about the experience, 

Once all the dogs were out[of the plane], they were united with their new families just on the other side of the fence. One by one, names were called out and the hand-off was made. The emotion I felt watching these pups come off that plane then jumping into the backseat of a car destined to a new home was a feeling I will never forget.”

Holiday gift boxes that help save pets

Wondercide is back and spreading their Fierce Love® to help fund another Texas rescue flight in 2022!  Wondercide has created another amazing limited edition sampler box for you and your animal companions. This year’s sampler has a couple of extra goodies to share with your favorite four legged friend. The holiday box includes a 2022 calendar filled with rescue stories and animal updates; a cedarwood pet tag for your pup or your keychain; and plant-powered pest control sprays in exclusive scents. We are overjoyed that Wondercide is going to donate a portion of the profits of this holiday box to support a life saving rescue flight! 

These little boxes make great gifts for all your pet-loving friends and family. Purchase them while supplies last directly from Wondercide today! 

Thank you Wondercide!

We are fortunate to have Wondercide’s support and are already looking forward to planning out their rescue flight!

Thank you for supporting our mission

Our rescue flights wouldn’t exist without the support of hundreds of volunteers and our many shelter partners. Last month, Jenna from the Animal Adoption Center jumped aboard the Big Dog and was able to spend a day with our shelter partners in Texas and helped to fly over 60 dogs to their new homes. 

Jenna is the Advancement Director for the Animal Adoption Center (AAC) in Jackson, WY and has worked directly with our partner in Texas. She’s helped to manage and rehome many of the animals from the Laredo Animal Control Services in Laredo, Texas. Jenna wanted to understand the whole process of our transport services and make a personal connection to the people that she’s worked with at the shelter in Laredo. On this trip, she was able to experience the full spectrum of what a rescue flight entails.

Rescue Flights are a marathon, not a sprint.

Jenna met one of our volunteer pilots and board members, Dr. Brent Blue, at 7AM the morning before the planned rescue flight from Texas. The first step was repositioning the Big Dog to southern Texas which is about 7 hours of flying time south of our homebase. They flew from Driggs, Idaho to Laredo, Texas with a stop in Morehead, Texas for fuel, coffee and the bathroom. Once they landed in Laredo around 4PM that afternoon, pilot Brent Blue, prepped the Big Dog for the next morning and was soon off to bed while Jenna went to visit the local animal shelter

Jenna was spending her birthday with Dog Is My CoPilot and was greeted with a special celebration from our partners at the shelter where she could connect with the volunteers and staff, and meet many of the animals that were going on the flight the next day.


Rescue day starts early 

When Jenna went off to bed around 8pm, she realized that many of the volunteers at the shelter would stay up all night to prepare the animals for the flight the next day. The shelter volunteers and staff were at the airport by 2AM getting the animals prepped for take off. Animals are put in crates, sorted in dropoff order, and lined up on the tarmac for packing. After a short night of sleep, Jenna arrived at 4AM and everything was all set. The animals are loaded by volunteers with the last to be dropped off getting on the plane first. With the team effort, the Big Dog was packed and ready for takeoff by 4:30AM. It was already getting hot on the tarmac, so being quick to take off is vitally important. After a long night, many of these volunteers in Texas were then headed into work at their day jobs!  What amazing dedication!

The dogs are super noisy as the plane takes off but as the Big Dog reaches altitude, most animals quiet down and fall to sleep.  According to Jenna,  this was when she first noticed the smells coming from the cargo hold. These are shelter dogs and many have gone to the bathroom in their crates, so the smell is pungent! 

By 9AM the rescue flight had made it back to Morehead, Texas for a quick refuel and a human bathroom break.  The dogs get super noisy on the way down to the ground and right after takeoff but settle down again once in the air.  

On this rescue flight, Jenna and Dr. Brent Blue flew to Fort Collins, CO, then Boise ID, and after a small delay and rerouting because of weather, back to Driggs, ID with all the animals safely unloaded and on their way to forever homes. Jenna realized that by the time she had got back home early that evening, she had spent 22 of the last 36 hours in the air. Needless to say, Jenna was exhausted when she arrived home. It is hard to describe the experience of a rescue flight without being on one first hand. Jenna had this to say about her experience; 

“Traveling with Dog Is My CoPilot offered a whole new perspective and appreciation for animal rescue and more importantly the people behind it. Working at one of the receiving shelters, it is hard to comprehend what these southern shelters are facing without seeing it for yourself. I feel so honored to see the full circle of a Dog Is My CoPilot flight from choosing dogs to join a rescue flight in the beginning, to dropping them off in different destinations around the country at the end. Ultimately, we get to see some rescued animals find their forever homes through the Animal Adoption Center. It truly was an experience of a lifetime.”

Our Pilots are touched by these rescues too

Listening to Jenna’s excitement when she made it home got us thinking about what these rescue flights mean to our pilots too.  We recently got to chat with Dr. Brent Blue who flew with Jenna on this flight.  

“There’s nothing more rewarding than flying dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters where their lives are in danger to adoptive homes in the northern part of the country. They are wonderful animals and I have to restrain myself otherwise I would have 10 dogs at home. In addition, these animals change the lives of the people who receive them.”

Our volunteer pilots are true heros and play such an important part in our operations. The distance they travel is long, fraught with unexpected challenges but nevertheless a few of our pilots complete two to three flights a week!  

Tips for Successful Transfer Partnerships

Dog Is My CoPilot is fortunate to have so many great partners who help organize the transportation of rescue animals.  It takes time, coordination, and patience to transport at-risk animals from source-shelters to destination shelters.

In part one of the American Pets Alive blog post, “10 Tips all Source Shelters should know for Successful Transfer Partnerships”, by Clare Callison, she talks about how a source shelter can take the initiative to get their animals to forever homes and rescue as many animals as possible.

Clare discusses how organizations, whether they are brand new or a shelter veteran, need clear communication and organization transparency to be successful. Using social media platforms and quality images and videos, shelters can help to show potential partners and adopters the need for transportation services and more adoptions.

These coordinated efforts to move rescue animals takes trust between partners. The needs of these rescue animals are at the heart of every decision an organization makes. Being successful relies on the shelters to be organized and network amongst each other to find a good home for these animals.

Part two of this informative blog series is dedicated to the destination shelters.  These blogs and more information can be found on the American Pets Alive Blog. American Pets Alives mission is to end the urgent crisis facing shelter animals by helping save the millions of dogs, cats, and other potential pets needlessly being killed across the country each year. Dog Is My CoPilot is a proud supporter of their work and thankful for their commitment to their mission.

Flying 20,000 Home

20,000th Animal Rescued in 2021

It is hard to believe that just 3 short years ago Peter the Pilot rescued his dog, Mr. Hobbs, from Amazing Grace Pet Rescue in Hobbs, NM. This week, Peter the Pilot was fortunate enough to go back to Hobbs, New Mexico and pick up Cisco with Pilot Jen Boman! He is a 6 week old puppy looking for a home and is rescue number 20,000! 

3 day old pups are found all alone 

Cisco and his sisters, River and Maple were only a few days old when they were found under a trailer house in Hobbs, New Mexico. The people who found these three puppies, took them home and tried to bottle feed them with little success. Fortunately, the rescuers brought Cisco and his sisters to Amazing Grace Pet Rescue who had the expertise with bottle feeding to get these pups stronger and healthier. Amazing Grace Pet Rescue was founded in 2014 and is committed to keeping pets safe, happy, and healthy while animals wait to be placed in a forever home. 

Dog Is My CoPilot to the rescue

 Amazing Grace Pet Rescue, along with Gina Beard and other Denver City, TX based groups take in hundreds of animals and coordinate monthly flights with  Dog Is My CoPilot to help save hundreds of dogs in overcrowded rural New Mexico + West Texas animal shelters. 

By the time of the flight, Cisco has been thriving with his two other brothers and sisters and gaining weight rapidly.  Although, Cisco is the runt of the litter we think he certainly has the most personality of the group! We are sure that he will quickly get adopted through Bounce Animal Rescue, the receiving adoption center in Fort Collins, CO. 

Where to now?

Bounce Animal Rescue of Fort Collins, CO had the ability to take Cisco along with dozens of other puppies and dogs. Bounce Animal Rescue is a unique rescue organization because they do not have a physical facility. They are 100% foster-based, meaning that all of their animals live within people’s homes throughout the state of Colorado. This type of rescue system allows animals to live in a home environment and start on basic training and home etiquette. It also allows Bounce Animal Rescue to better match up animals with adopters as they learn the specifics of each animal’s personalities.

What’s next?

In the next couple weeks we will be flying 20+ flights from the southwest to the northwest. There are still plenty of dogs and cats in need of rescue and just looking for their forever home. 

We have gone from flying 1,000 rescue animals a season to 1,000 rescue animals in a month. There will always be a need for our free service and we would love your support. If you would like to donate, your support will allow us to continually provide free transportation to animal shelters so they can help find these animals a forever home.

A pair of Pitbulls catch a flight to Montana

Rolly and Polly began their quest to find a forever home months ago. Recently, their search was accelerated when Archangel Animal Network + the staff at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control shelter in Texas realized the urgency of their care. Rolly and Polly needed to find their way out of Texas, before their life was in danger. 

The Journey Begins

Rolly and Polly were in rough shape at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Shelter. Both dogs had mange, a parasitic skin disease caused by microscopic mites that causes severe skin lesions and hair loss.   Both dogs also had severe upper respiratory infections.  On top of that, Rolly tested positive for Heartworm and required a treatment plan. Polly, was the bigger concern because she had stopped eating and had a UTI infection. On May 7th, 2021, the staff at the shelter realized they needed to step in to save these pups. A kennel techs who had fallen in love with Rolly and Polly brought them home to foster for a short period of time so they could well enough to be transported on the Big Dog. At the shelter, Rolly and Polly were kenneled together and formed a friendship.  Once the dogs were out of the shelter in their foster home, their health improved and their hair even began to grow back! 

Dog Is My CoPilot to the Rescue

Dog Is My CoPilot was brought in with the help of Life Savers Animal Rescue during the transportation logistics for these dogs. Bringing Rolly and Polly to a northern state improved their chances of adoption and to find a forever home. Their final destination is at Camp Duford in Montana with Animal Life Savers would provide them safety and security in a rescue while they healed before being placed up for adoption. During a layover in Jackson Hole, WY,  both dogs got the opportunity to stay for a couple of wonderful days with our Executive Director, Kara Pollard and her family while they were  spayed and neutered.  The final leg of the journey would be a flight to Camp Duford outside of Glacier National Park in Montana. Here, in Montana Rolly has started heartworm treatment.  

A special thank you

Thank you to the amazing support from all the organizations that were able to help save these two pups. Life Savers Animal Rescue and Camp Duford were instrumental in making all the connections for this pair of pups to make it to Montana and finding them a place to heal.  Fort Worth Animal Care and Control recognized the value in rescuing these two pups and knowing that it was their turn to find a forever home. Petco Love has financially supported Dog Is My CoPilot and many other rescue organizations to rescue Rolly and Polly and thousands of other animals across the country. Finally, thank you to our Dog Is My CoPilot volunteer pilots, without their dedication and talents, we would not be able to rescue one animal.  It takes a village to rescue one pup let alone the thousands that have flown with us in our rescue flights.  We are thankful for all those that donate time and resources to make rescues like Rolly and Polly a possibility.

Rolly + Polly are available for adoption!

While, both dogs love each other a home separate will suit both their needs better.  They both love people and will do best in a home with dogs their size.  To learn more about adopting Rolly + Polly please visit:

Flying Passengers 18,000 Home

This week, Cinnamon and Buns were our lucky 18,000 and 18,001 passengers! 

We picked up these cute duo at Laredo Animal Services in Laredo, Texas and flew them, along with about 80 other pets, up to the Humane Society of Utah and other Colorado + Idaho partners. 

Loredo is a city on the Mexican border, in southern Texas. The Laredo Animal Care Facility receives animals from individuals who are no longer able to care for their pets as well as any lost or stray animals in search of a good home. Many of the stray animals in their region have been without a home since birth or have been abandoned and are confused and frightened when they arrive at the shelter. 

The Laredo Animal Care Facility works to rehome these animals with the support of rescue organizations to ensure that as many lives are saved as possible. The stakes are high for many of these animals and every rescue flight frees up space and helps to ensure that the amazing team in Laredo can continue to care for the animals in their shelter. 

As we enter our busy summer flying season, follow along on Facebook for frequent updates and videos from our volunteer pilots. We’ll be back in Laredo soon and plan to visit a number of partners in southern Texas before the end of the month. 



Thank you to the Lulu’s Fund who have been by our  side since the very beginning. We are so gratuefl to have their support to help us save more lives!