Texas Flight Made Possible by Wondercide

Wondercide sponsored Texas rescue flight

On May 26th, Austin-based Wondercide, the leader in safe and effective, plant-powered pest protection for pets, people, teamed up with  Dog Is May CoPilot to  rescue 45+ dogs from overcrowd shelters in West Texas and flew them to homes in Salt lake City, Utah and  Portland, OR!  Wondercide is also on a mission to protect pets and is excited to participate in the first Texas flight of 2021. This past holiday season Wondercide pledged to donate proceeds from the Wondercide sampler box, and Dog is My CoPilot is pleased to announce the entire flight was  made possible by Wondercide customers and this generous donation!

Lifesaving rescue flight 

The animals leaving El Paso International Airport were rescued by Heather Hall with the Underground Dog organization from several West Texas rural shelters, in addition to about 40 dogs being rescued from El Paso Animal Services. They will be transported to Portland-Troutdale Airport, where they will be greeted by Julie Zagrans from One Tail at a Time PDX and several families ready to foster, and hopefully adopt, their new furry friends.

Sunny makes journey on the Big Dog! 

Sunny and his 40+ friends found them themselves in overcrowded shelters thats when El Paso Animal Services and the Underground Dog stepped in to help get this boy home!  Partnering up with One Tail At a Time PDX he boarded the Big Dog with Pilot Peter and Pilot Riley at 4:30am and arrived with his buddies to Portland just after 1pm and was greeted by his foster family! Some shelters are always full, some are always empty, that where Dog Is My CoPilot provides the missing link getting them there quickly  and efficiently!

The partnership continues

“When I first heard about Dog Is My CoPilot and their innovative approach to saving pets, I immediately knew we needed to connect with this incredible organization and get involved,” said Stephanie Boone, CEO and Founder of Wondercide. “They’re a shining example of what we call Fierce Love®. It’s the ‘never going to give up on you’ kind of love and Dog Is My CoPilot is taking Fierce Love® to new heights.”

The Wondercide partnership with Dog Is My Copilot was such a great success that Wondercide plans to continue donating a percentage of profits from their signature sampler boxes to the nonprofit with promotion during the holiday season to make an even bigger impact. “We love the idea of gifts that give back and will continue to look for ways to give our customers the opportunity to help us do good,” said Boone.

Thanks for the support

“The support we receive from our community of animal lovers amazes me everyday,” said Dr. Peter Rork, President and Chief Pilot for Dog Is My CoPilot. “We are humbled by the generosity of companies like Wondercide who share our mission to help protect as many pets as possible. Thank you to the Wondercide team for being a valued partner and supporting us on our first Texas flight of 2021 so we can accomplish even more life-saving efforts this year.”

Because of the support of our community and sponsors like Wondercide, we have been able to increase the number of flights for 2021 and save even more animals. If you’re interested in joining our flight team, every gift makes a difference and check back here frequently for updates on our flights.

📷 Chris Lammert

17,000 Passengers

May has been a busy month and we are thrilled to share a few updates with you! Our transport plane, the Big Dog had critical maintenance completed to make it safer for our volunteer pilots to fly! Peter’s birthday matching campaign also surpassed our expectations ❤️ We are thankful for every donor who supports Dog Is My CoPilot so that we can reach even more animals in need




Big Dog Flying Again

Captain Dr. Rork, picked up the Big Dog last week after being in the shop for several months. The Big Dog got a new engine, new propellers and a digital avionics panel installed making it easier and safer to fly. Keep your eye out on social media for the propellers in an online auction. The avionics panel is now completely digital!


Passenger number 17,000!

 We flew our 17,000th passenger, Grizz! He is a sweet 7 month old Heeler / Lab mix that was surrendered to a shelter partner in New Mexico.   We are excited to have been part of his journey finding a home! This shelter is an open admission and takes in approximately 5,000 animals per year.  We are excited to be part of his journey home! 

Peter’s Successful Birthday Celebration

This year for Pilot Peter’s birthday, a very special donor provided a matching gift to celebrate and honor Peter. This donor is the proud owner of ABBA, (inspired by “Take A Chance On Me”), and long time supporter of Dog Is My CoPilot. We were thrilled by the support and the success of the birthday campaign!  We surpassed our goal and every dollar will be used to rescue even more animals.

Peter was overjoyed by the support saying, Kara and I are continuing our efforts to save as many animals as possible with the resources at hand.  Dog Is My CoPilot depends on those who are part of the solution, and we thank you for your support 🐾🐾 


We want to send a huge Thank You to all our supporters. We could not rescue so many animals and support all of our new shelter partners without our generous backers. Our community includes those who made fiscal donations and those that donate time and energy. Thank you to our whole community for being the backbone of our organization. We have volunteers across the country, donating time in logistics, meeting the Big Dog at airports, preparing animals for transport, and sending thank you notes to donors. We are grateful that we have a strong community that believes in our mission and helps us with every takeoff and landing along the way! 




Volunteer Pilots Help Fuel Our Mission

Dog Is My CoPilots is grateful for our volunteers that support our mission!  We have seven dedicated volunteer pilots that fly the Big Dog for our rescue missions.  This volunteer pilot team saves our organization over $100,000 a year in pilot fees, which goes directly into rescuing more dogs and cats.

Our Pilots

Including our founder Dr. Peter Rork, we have seven volunteer pilots that will participate in the upcoming rescue season.  Let’s introduce you to our crew so you can see how lucky we are to have these talented pilots. 

Peter “The Pilot” Rork founded Dog Is My CoPilot in 2012 and leads our pilot crew. After working his way through medical school as a pilot, Dr. Rork practiced Orthopedic Surgery for more than thirty years. Instead of retiring to a golf course, he has returned to the skies as our Chief Pilot.

Jeff Carter works as a test pilot and instructor for a Department of Defense aircraft manufacturer. He spends five to six months deployed overseas per year, supporting the US military. While stateside, he lives in Southern California with his wife of 30 years and their 5 rescue dogs. Jeff looks forward to helping DIMC save as many pets’ lives as possible.

Dr. Brent Blue, an Airline Transport Pilot rated aviator has over 9,000 hours of flight time. He also practices medicine in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and consults for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as a FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner. Dr. Blue enthusiastically supports DIMC as a pilot and an original board member.

Chris Spanos flies for Frontier Airlines as an Airline Transport Pilot. Chris also volunteers for New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue and Re-homing of Colorado. He has assisted his wife Paula with this organization, who founded the group. Chris and Paula enjoy caring for their dogs, chickens and especially enjoy camping in the beautiful Colorado Mountains.

Frank Maresca is a semi-retired mechanical engineer. His winters are spent working on equipment and teaching flying lessons, while the summer brings him to the fire patrol for the Forest Service. Frank and his wife Margo have two children, as well as horses, cows, cats and Thor, the security dog.

Tim Riley has actively flown aircraft for the last thirty years. Tim enjoyed sharing his passion for flying with new pilots at his flight school. He also volunteers for a number of different aviation-related organizations. Tim is excited to be part of the DIMC crew and looks forward to flying the rescued animals to new homes.

Jennifer Boman also flies for a major airline on the Airbus 320. The Colorado native lives now in Carlsbad CA, after 17 years in the USAF as an instructor pilot. She and her husband recently lost their 13 ½ year old dog and Jennifer is excited and grateful for the opportunity to fly for Dog Is My CoPilot.

You can check out our pilots’ full profiles on the Team Page and learn about the thousands of hours flown by our pilots before joining the DIMC flight team. 

Pilots go to training

Before a pilot can volunteer for Dog Is My Copilot, they must go through a training program delivered by FlyRight in Charlotte, NC. This organization spends 22 hours with each pilot on the ground and in a simulator to make sure they are completely comfortable with our Cessna Caravan transport plane. The simulator gives the pilots a realistic feel for our plane, down to a near identical instrument panel.  After the training, our Chief Pilot Peter Rork, takes each new volunteer pilot on a 2-3 day training flight. On this flight they learn about the plane, how to handle flying with lots of animals in crates, and their schedule on a typical day. 

Typical day for a pilot

Rescue flight days are typically long days for our volunteer pilots. Before the animals arrive, the pilots day starts around 4am with preflight checks. The animals are loaded in the early morning and the pilots are hopefully wheels up by 6am. Over the next 8-12 hours the pilots transport and unload the animals in various locations before bringing our plane home to Jackson Hole to prepare for our next rescue flight. Every time the plane lands, it gets refueled, inspected, cleaned and prepped by the pilot for the next leg of the journey.  Our partner Rescue organizations supply a crew of volunteers  at every stop to meet the Big Dog and the pilot to unload animals. The animals are given water, removed from crates, and transported to vehicles to make the final leg of their journey to adoption centers. We try to limit the time the Big Dog is on the ground so our partner organization and pilots help to expedite each drop off by working together! We ask our volunteer pilots to donate about 100 hours of flight time per year, which really equates to over 400 hours of volunteered time including all the pre and post flight checks and activities. 

We need your support

Dog Is My CoPilot provides these transport services free of charge to shelters because of the generous support of our community and our volunteer pilots. If you would like to chip in to show your support of our volunteer pilots, please go to our donation page. 


Petco Love Lost: Helping to reunite lost animals

Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime? That is 10 million annually! And without a central place to report them lost or found, many may never be reunited with their families. Our amazing partners, Petco Love are determined to change that.  That’s why they created Petco Love Lost, the new national platform that uses innovative pet facial recognition technology to empower animal-loving communities to reunite lost pets. 

How it works

Petco Love Lost is a new national platform that will help lost pets quickly find their families and homes. This simple website uses patented facial recognition technology to allow participating animal organizations, pet parents or persons who find lost animals to easily search for lost animals in the Petco Love Lost database. Uploaded pictures of lost pets are immediately scanned to determine if that animal is in the database and then the system automatically connects the animal to their owner. There are hundreds of participating shelters across the country using the new and exciting technology to decrease the number of lost pets.

Petco Love

Petco Love, formally known as the Petco Foundation is a national nonprofit working to lead and inspire change for animals and they’re on a mission to help reunite lost pets with their families. Since their founding in 1999 as the Petco Foundation, they have empowered animal welfare organizations by investing $300 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. 

We know that one in three pets goes missing in their lifetime, an estimated 10 million pets each year, and we’re not ok with that,” said President of Petco Love, Susanne Kogut. That gives us 10 million reasons why we created Petco Love Lost, because we believe nothing is more important than keeping people and pets together for a lifetime of love

How you can get involved

If you’ve lost or found a pet, Petco Love Lost wants to help get them home. Visit petcolovelost.org or join the conversation @PetcoLoveLost on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via hashtags #PetcoLoveLost and #LoveandFound. 

Dog Is My CoPilot is so grateful to be Petco Love partners and we’re excited to support their new venture reconnecting families to lost animals! As animal lovers, we all dread the feeling of losing an animal, for a minute or a day.  We know that Petco Love Lost is an important tool that will reunite you and your pet if the need arises. 


Pet Transport Resources

Dog Is My CoPilot focuses on transporting animals from municipal animal shelters to non-profit animal adoption centers.  While we don’t transport animals for the general public, we’re often asked about how to transport animals for vacations or families moving to new geographic regions or someone wanting to adopt a pet that might be in a shelter from a far distance. If you’re looking to transport your personal pet or adopted pet or any other animals, we hope the information below is helpful

Best Friends Animal Society Animal Transportation Information

Thankfully, there are many organizations in the United States that are able help move your pets through the air or on the ground. The Best Friends Animal Society is the nation’s largest sanctuary for homeless animals and their website contains a comprehensive list of pet transport resources.  The list includes volunteer and commercial organizations that can help schedule and transport animals.  We do not work directly with any of the recommended organizations and it’s important to research each organization and make sure that they can care for your pet in a safe and timely way. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or references from other pet owners that have used their services. 

Choosing your transport organization

Transporting animals is often complex and the experience can be stressful for the pets and their owner. As a pet owner, be sure to confirm the pickup and delivery process with the transportation organization, the timeline of the transport and anything that you may need to provide for your animal during the transport. (water, food, crate, etc). You will also want to inform the handlers of any special needs your animal may have during the transport. It’s worth spending the extra time to ensure that you’ve selected a capable organization ready to handle your pet.

Who gets a ride on our flights?

The animals that we fly have often had a tough break and been left at a municipal shelter or born on the streets.  We provide each animal a life saving flight to a nonprofit adoption center in another area of the US where a loving family is waiting to adopt the pet.  Check out our flight below to see where we fly! 

How you can Help

DIMC is a 501c(3) non-profit that provides our services at no cost to the shelters and adoption centers we partner with. We rely on donations to fuel our rescue flights.  If you would like to help us keep flying thousands of animals every year to safety, please join our community at dogcopilot.org.  Thanks for your support and see you in the air!

The Big Dog’s Fifth Anniversary

It is hard to believe that just five short years ago we bought the Cessna Caravan affectionately called – the Big Dog.  Our plane has flown thousands of animals over thousands of miles in the western United States and it is finally getting an overhaul!

Plane Upgrade

When we started Dog Is My CoPilot in 2012, we used the small private plane of our co-founder, Dr. Peter Rork. His personal plane is a small Cessna “Stationair” that allowed Peter to transport 20-30 animals at a time. While Dr. Rork and  Judy Zimet, executive director and co-founder, were able to save many animals in those first years of the organization using the Sationair, the size of the plane was inhibiting our ability to make a larger impact. In 2016, we purchased the Cessna Caravan – and named her the Big Dog.  The interior of this ‘new to us” plane was well loved and laid out to fly people. Thankfully,  the rescued animals were not looking for a luxury jet, but were happy knowing they are going on a trip of a lifetime!  We retrofitted the plane to go from carrying 12 passengers to one that can carry up to 250 animals at a time. With the Big Dog, we have gone from saving 1,000 animals a year to over 3,000 animals a year.

I knew if we were going to make a mark, we needed to scale up.  That’s where the Big Dog came to be.  The animals don’t care what the plane looks like, they just want to get to their forever home, said Dr. Peter Rork


Big Dog Gets a Facelift

With the generous support of our community, the Big Dog is undergoing essential maintenance this spring. The Big Dog’s engine has been completely overhauled, new propellers are being installed (look out for an upcoming auction to get one of the old ones!) and we’re installing a new Avionics system for the pilots!  This panel helps the pilots with all forms of navigation and control of the plane. The Big Dog’s dated but working analog panel was replaced with a modern and completely digital panel.  We expect that these repairs should last the Big Dog around eight years or about 8,000 hours, allowing us to rescue thousands of animals this year alone.


Flying into 2021

Although 2020 was a challenging year for scheduling our rescue missions, we had a successful season and we are looking forward to another amazing year in 2021.  With 8 volunteer pilots, we will increase our number of flights from 50 to 80 scheduled rescue flights this upcoming season.  Beginning in May, we are scheduled to pick up rescue animals from animal shelters in 17 different southwest cities and deliver them to 12 different adoption centers in cities across the northwest.  We will be coordinating with 30+ different organizations and hopefully rescuing our 20,000th passenger late this summer.  Stay tuned and look out for the new and improved Big Dog flying over your area this summer. 






Foster to Save More Lives

When the pandemic began in March of 2020, shelters and adoption centers across the country were uncertain how this would impact the animals in their care.  All across the country, shelters are continuing to help pets in creative, innovative ways during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. In fact, many have had such an incredible response from their communities that they have been able to save more lives than ever before! 

Fostering Animals at the Animal Adoption Center

The Animal Adoption Center (AAC) in Jackson Hole, one of Dog Is My CoPilot rescue partners, is one example of how there truly can be a silver lining during very hard times.  The AAC was initially worried about how the pandemic was going to affect their foster program.  But as it turned out their foster program is stronger than ever and thanks to their foster homes support they have been able to save more lives than ever before! Read on to learn how their foster program is truly SAVING LIVES! 

AAC Foster Program helps saves dogs at risk of euthanasia

Following the severe winter storm cycle in the south during February,  2021, our local Jackson Wyoming  based partners, Animal Adoption Center welcomed seven dogs from Laredo, Texas into their rescue and adoption program on February 24! Laredo Animal Care Services is one of our incredible source partners located in Texas that we fly for during the summer and spring.  Thanks to amazing partners like the Animal Adoption Center who coordinated a lifesaving  ground transport up North, animals all over Texas are getting a chance to find a home! 

“It is hard to believe that animals are still facing euthanasia due to lack of space. We are so fortunate to help relieve some of the burden in overwhelmed shelters regionally and nationally,” said Jenna Martin, AAC Advancement Director.

📸 Buckrail @buckrailnews // Nick Sulzer @nick.sulzer

The Pandemic changed everything 

Before the pandemic, staff members at the Animal Adoption Center spent time every afternoon juggling foster homes and animals to find every animal a safe place to rest for the night.  At the time, AAC was open to the public and animals would spend the day at the center, going on walks and meeting potential adopters. Every evening, animals would spend the night with local families that are part of their foster network.

By mid March 2020, it was apparent that the Animal Adoption Center would need to adapt to the changing times. The front doors would be shut to the public except for appointments and the strategy for adopting needed to change as well.  Thankfully, the Jackson foster family community opened their doors and animals were placed in longer term foster care homes while waiting for adoption across Teton County and beyond.  Because so many animals found long term foster homes in the community, the AAC has been able to open their doors to the animals most in need at their regional and national partner shelters.

Whether a dog or cat is working on potty training, overcoming fear or anxiety, recovering from a medical procedure or just waiting for the perfect family to come along, they get to adjust to their new life in a home with caring and dedicated fosters, said Virginia Faulkner-Monks, Community Engagement Director at the Animal Adoption Center.


Fostering is good for the soul

Fostering an animal, not only provides a home for an animal, but provides many benefits to the foster family.  Studies have shown that animals are good for your health, help families deal with stress or trauma, and can have an impact on how our country views and deals with homeless animals in our society. A foster home may be an animal’s first taste of what it means to be loved and bridges their experience in a shelter environment with the life of living in a home. 

How you can help

If you are interested in being a foster family and live in Northwest Wyoming, please contact the Animal Adoption Center and fill out an application to be a foster family.  Once complete, you will be added to the foster community call list and AAC will pair foster dogs with you if they believe the animals will thrive and fit into your home.  If you live in other parts of the country or world, please contact your local rescue or shelter to learn about animal fostering programs in your backyard.  


Fly with us every month 

Partners make the best adopting parents

Sometimes, families are looking for an animal to brighten their lives and homes.  Other times, the animals find their own family. That is certainly the case for Jess Farr, Program Director at PAWS, one of our amazing partner organizations.  PAWS of Jackson Hole’s mission is to serve as a community resource to prevent pet homelessness, to protect pets from harm and suffering, and to promote responsible ownership.  The PAWS staff works closely with us and the Animal Adoption Center to save as many animals as possible in Greater Teton County.

Taking a break in ‘Kitty City’

Rescuing animals can be emotionally draining and just spending time with these animals before they find a forever home can help give perspective to this difficult work.  Sitting with the cats in “Kitty City” at the Animal Adoption Center is exactly what Jess often does to rejuvenate her passion for working with rescue animals.  Although she’s typically visiting to check in on adoptions, she also loves playing with 14 purring cats vying for her attention. One cat in particular stole her heart, a black and white fuzzball called Arwen.  Arwen was a Dog Is My CoPilot kitty copilot that we flew from our partners at Abilene Animal Services to the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, Wyoming. 

Waiting for the right time

Although Jess and her husband have fostered many animals, they were not in a position to bring Arwen home right away because they were right in the middle of a pandemic inspired renovation project.  But in June, Jess and Dave decided that if Arwen was still at AAC when their house project was over, Arwen would be coming home with her.  

There was a certain purring burrito wrapped in black and white cotton candy named Arwen that totally stole my heart from day one!  


Fast forward to the first week of January 2021, it was a new year, a new house and most importantly, Jess and Dave got a new cat and renamed her, Lil’ Jess.

“Arwen, now Lil Jess (insert eyeroll) is our third rescue from the incomparable Animal Adoption Center (AAC) and our first Dog Is My CoPilot (DIMC) passenger! Our household has fostered many DIMC dogs, notably, all of which have been smaller in stature than Lil Jess, and we are so excited to have a Dog Is My CoPilot CAT on our permanent purr-team. Her brothers Lil Dave (yep, we’re that kinda crazy) and Revvy, have both welcomed her home with open paws. Thank you DIMC and the AAC for saving so many lives, our stoke level (and vacuum power level) is blasting on high!”

How you can help

As we move into 2021, we are thankful for all our partners that help make rescuing so many animals possible.  Our life saving flights would not be possible without the support of our partners and our Squadron Members that make a monthly commitment to supporting our rescue flights. This year, your support is critical. Become a Squadron Member today and your donations will help keep our plane wheels up saving lives!


Lifesaving Year

As we look back on a difficult but rewarding year, seeing the smile and joy in families all over the country is our reminder of why we provide critical transportation services to overcrowded animal shelters.

Working alongside our incredible teams of rescue and shelter partners, we saved over 3,500 lives together, but that’s not it!  Your dedication to helping shelter pets supported growth that will forever mean more life-saving.  In 2020, we had four volunteer pilots that completed 55 rescue flights.  In 2021, we will be doubling the number of volunteer pilots. With these additional pilots, we will be expanding the number of flights we can offer to our current partners, while also answering the needs of new shelter and rescue partners. We will be able to reach even more at risk animals and fly them to their forever homes!

Thank you for being part of our biggest year yet.  To celebrate, we want to share a few stories and pictures of the animals that have found homes in 2020, thanks to you!

“Pancake has brought such an intense joy into our lives. She loves snuggling in bed in the morning, playing with her favorite animal toys and learning new things – like she can eat snow! We feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and can’t wait to teach her new things and explore more of this magical place we live. Thank you so much to Dog is My CoPliot for the incredibly important work you do!”

 Percy is so smart, I’ve kept up on his prison program training.  I’m a physical therapist so he gets the best care along with grain free food, supplements, and yummy treats. He’s the biggest baby/cuddle bug!  I lost my other rescue in June, I wasn’t ready to love again but when I saw his photos I know he was the one! Thank you for my best friends ever!


From Fospice pup to cherished family member, Lex flew straight into our hearts aboard Dog Is My CoPilot on 6/6/20.  Thanks to them, Humane Society of North Texas, and Green Heart Rescue, we got to spend the last four months of this beautiful soul’s  life with him.  Sadly, Lex crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 10/8/20


Cece joined our family in August and has already turned into quite the adventure dog! We go on daily walks in the canyon behind our house, and we’re slowly working our way up to longer hikes in the mountains around Sun Valley, Idaho. When not exploring with her nose to the ground, Cece is training in obedience, going on puppy play dates, learning basic agility moves, and perfecting her snuggling techniques. She loves camping and car rides, and while she’s not 100% on board with snow yet, we’re confident that this Texas pup will learn to love the winter, too.


It is honestly hard to put into words just how much we love Luther. We adopted Luther about four months ago from the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, WY, and even though it was over a four hour drive each way from our home in Livingston, MT, there was something about Luther in his photos that we just knew he would be worth the trip. He spent nearly the whole drive home curled up in my lap and has enhanced our happiness to an inexplicable degree ever since. We are an active couple who love to be outdoors and Luther is game for any adventure. He has climbed up mountains, hiked across the Beartooth Wilderness, kayaked the Yellowstone River and is a great buddy for runs and bike rides. We love to see how happy he is outside; bounding along a trail like a deer, barrelling through a foot of snow, and sprinting back and forth just for the fun of it. We also love a good slow morning or evenings by the woodstove and man can this dog cuddle. He will contort himself into any position to fit by your side, sometimes collapsing in what looks like a pretzel, or seemingly comfortable draped over knees or ankles, or falling over backwards to land in your lap. Luther came to us knowing some commands but is so intelligent and eager to please that he picks up on new ones within a few tries and listens well off leash. We often wonder what Luther’s story was starting out in Abilene,Texas, but we are so glad that Dog Is My Copilot flew him out to Wyoming and the Animal Adoption Center so that we could find the most amazing dog. Multiple times a day we audibly tell Luther how great he is and how lucky we are to have him. While we are mostly sure he does not understand the words, we know he feels the sentiment.

~Cayley and Allen Livingston, MT

 We treasure our current animals and welcoming someone new was a long process with lots of worry about he/she accept out pets or be scared/distant.  Momo-Chan (little peach) in Japanese has made our life complete and everyone loves her!




 MURRAY loves Olive and Louie and they love him!  He is eating like a monster, such a sweet boy, and we’re falling more in love with him every day. Murray is but one example of the way you save lives and we are examples of the lives that you enrich. Thank you!


The ultimate goal in the animal welfare industry is to keep people and pets together, but sometimes assistance is needed to make this happen. Many times, Animal Humane Officers are put into difficult situations when they find animals that need extra care and attention. And as animal lovers, they are able to make powerful decisions that can change the trajectory of the animals in their city. This is one of those stories.

A big heart

Myrna De La Torre is an animal humane officer for Animal Services in El Paso, Texas. She was driving around during her regular animal welfare checks and came across an owner that had two adult dogs that accidentally had a litter of ten puppies.  While this owner loved their dogs, they did not have the resources to care for the new family.  When Officer De La Torre arrived, four of the puppies had already died of malnutrition and she realized something had to change quickly. 

Officer sprang to action

Officer De La Torre immediately provided the owner with food and told them she would be back the next day. By the time De La Torre returned to the house the next day, only three puppies were alive.  The owner allowed Officer De La Torre to take the remaining puppies to El Paso Animal Services where they could receive immediate medical attention. Officer De La Torre helped the owner spay and neuter the adult dogs to ensure that the parents would not have puppies again and left them with food.   

Big Dog to the Rescue!

Early this winter, the three adorable pups made the journey on the “Big Dog” with Dog Is My CoPilot to Jackson Hole, Wyoming thanks to our partners El Paso Animal Services and Animal Adoption Center. After a very tumultuous start to their lives, the three puppies have all found forever homes! 

The Puppies Find New Life in Wyoming!

There is so much we all have to say about 2020 – in some ways it was kinder than other years – with the pressures of social life and travel gone, we have all enjoyed more of our own meals and focusing on the relationships closest to us. In other ways, it has been one of the hardest and strangest years – full of heartaches for the state of our country and our world. We are still incredibly grateful 2020 still brought us many blessings, Justin and I got married and settled into our new home in Jackson Hole. We were missing one thing to make it complete. Pancake has brought such an intense joy into our lives. She loves snuggling in bed in the morning, playing with her favorite animal toys and learning new things – like she can eat snow! We feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and can’t wait to teach her new things and explore more of this magical place we live. Thank you so much to Dog is My CoPliot for the incredibly important work you do!


El Paso Animal Services

Dog Is My CoPilot is fortunate to have partners like the El Paso Animal Services and the Animal Control Officers that work with them in El Paso, Texas.  These rescue organizations and support staff have a thankless job where the number of stray animals outnumber the available adoptable homes.  Partnerships like this provide inspiration, and remind us what collaboration can accomplish in each of our own communities!  El Paso Animal Services are changing the lives of animals and their owners in their community.  “We are no longer just a shelter. We’re here to provide pet resources that go beyond the shelter walls,” said Ramon Herrara of the El Paso Animal Services.

Give Thanks at Year End

We are looking forward to flying into the new year and saving thousands of more lives together! Please join us in making 2021 just as meaningful and impactful as 2020 has been.  Your support goes straight to work, allowing us to transport pets so they can find forever homes.