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This fall has been an exciting time here at Dog Is My CoPilot. We have rescued our 25,000th animal and we have special merchandise available for the upcoming holiday season 🎁

The Perfect Holiday Gift 

This year, we have an  entire line up of exciting hats, t-shirts, fleece jackets, stickers that make perfect holiday gifts. If you’re looking for something special to support your favorite cause and show your love for animals, you are in luck. 

A portion of the proceeds go directly to our life saving work. If you want items before the holidays visit: dogcopilot.org/shop and please order before December 2nd!


Big dogs face extra challenges when finding adoptive families.

Many potential adopters think that big dogs need a lot of extra space and are harder to manage than smaller breeds. A lot of myths are out there about larger dogs, but our 25,000th rescue, Bunches, proves all those stereotypes wrong. Bunches, like most other big dogs, are loyal, loving, and compassionate pets. 

After spending ten months in a small rural shelter, Bunches was saved by one of our rescue partners Reeds Ranch and Rescues in New Mexico. Bunches, a mixed breed  “big dog”  (over 40lbs) waited two more months in foster homes before receiving the chance to board one of our rescue flights. Last week, Bunches received the news of a lifetime, the golden ticket on the Big Dog and flew to the Cache Humane Society in Logan, UT.  When Bunches reached his destination, he only had to wait one day before he was adopted by a loving family. It’s amazing what a single flight can do and how it can change the lives of both animals and humans alike.

Bunches was on a rescue flight that was sponsored by our friends at the Lulu’s Fund

This rescue flight was sponsored by our friends at Lulu’s Fund, part of the Timothy T. Day Foundation. They provide assistance to many dogs (and cats) in need and help animals find their very own loving families. Lulu’s Fund was created in memory of Lulu who crossed the Rainbow bridge on June 28, 2019. Lulu, a little pug,  provided 15 years of great joy, happiness and abundant love to her owners Tim and Sandy Day. Lulu will be forever known as their “puppy” and the Day’s wanted to help other families experience this joy by supporting shelters and transportation services for rescued animals. We are thankful to have the support of the Day Foundation and Lulu’s Fund.



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