Polly, formerly “June”, was on a flight from Athens Animal Rescue in Athens, Texas, to Almost Home Foundation, in Illinois, back in August. We then fostered her for a couple of weeks before officially adopting her, on November 11. Her story is very special to us and we wanted to share it with you, because we are not sure how much you get to see/hear the happy ending stories of the animals your organization helps.

On October 18, my husband sent me a picture of a puppy from work. Almost Home Foundation brought some dogs to an employee event where he works. My response was a firm “no”. With my husband trying very hard to convince me we should adopt this dog, I started to do a little “research” and found out that Polly’s Dog Is My Copilot flight up to Illinois was the day after Cosmo died, on August 28. Then we started to talk about what we would name this new dog, if we got her. My husband suggested we both write down our name choices on a piece of paper. He said if they match we are getting the dog. Unbelievably we both wrote down the name “Polly”.

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