Holiday Shopping For Our Pets!

Many of us like to spoil our furry friends during the holiday season! Whether we get them a new toy, new bed, or whatever makes them the happiest. If you are shopping for your pet and thinking about buying them new treats or food, though, it could be tricky picking out which brand or flavor. To keep your pet the happiest and healthiest, we have put together the following information to help make it easier to find what you are looking for.

First, it is very important to review the label on the treats and food you are considering to check for any unwanted ingredients or facts. In the article Dog Treat bones and the search engines Alternative it is advised to make sure there is meat used since animal proteins are easier to digest than soy or other vegetable proteins. Avoid anything with a rich amount of carbohydrates and/or fiber, since too much of this can cause constipation, bloating and other digestive problems. Try to avoid compressed green bones solely using vegetables since vegetable proteins are high in carbohydrates.

Next, it is recommended by Dog Food Advisor that you check to see if the treat/food says “by-product”. Animal by-products doesn’t necessarily mean the treat or food is good or a bad, but most times this means the product is made with cheaper ingredients. Depending on how you feel about the quality of your dog treats/food, this is something to consider. Then review the label to see if it says generic by-product or named by-product. With generic by-product treats/food, you do not know what source the meat came from. In named by-product treats/food, they do not used high quality products, but are considered acceptable.

When it comes to looking for your pets treats/food, it states in the article The Truth About Animal By-Products in Dog Food, “With the sole exception of precisely identified organ meats, two rules will help you more intelligently navigate the confusing world of meat-based dog food ingredients. First, watch what you spend. Never pay top dollar for any dog food that lists animal by-products on its label. And lastly, never buy any dog food containing anonymous animal by-products sourced from materials a manufacturer refuses to clearly identify.”

The ingredients in the product you choose for your pet is very important, but it is also important to think about the type of treat you are buying. For younger dogs, a firm and hard treat is better since it reduces the plaque build up around their teeth when they chew on it. For older dogs who might have a harder time with those treats, it is better to get them the softer kind to make it easier for them. Do not buy your pet rawhide dog treats, though, in that the material and additives used are harmful to most dogs and may cause some blockages.

With this information, we hope it helps you to find yummy, healthy treats and food for your pets!


Adopt Don’t Shop!

First, we would like to start this week’s blog by shouting out our wonderful partners The Humane Society of Western Montana! They are participating in a study with Dr. Erica Feuerbacher from Carroll College concerning stress. This week they studied stress between dogs that were co-housed and ones that were individually housed in the kennels. The results of this study should “help keep dogs happier and healthier in shelters throughout the country!” We are very excited to hear about the results when the study is finished!

We also had a big week with another rescue flight from New Mexico. On Thursday at 5:30 A.M., the “Big Dog” was loaded with over 60 furry passengers. Thanks to our partners, we had a successful rescue flight: Friends of Mesilla Valley Animal Service, Tails to Freedom, The Humane Society of Western Montana, Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley, Idaho Humane Society and Thompson River Animal Care Shelter.All the animals were delivered safely and are looking to find a loving family!

To view photos of our recent flight, please visit Summer Mae Photography Idaho on Facebook!

This week Pilot Peter’s son, Buller Rork, adopted his new best friend and said, “I adopted Bear because I just got to the point in my life where a dog would be good for me. I’ve been wanting to get a dog for a while but I was always too nervous about the costs and expenses with raising a dog and whether or not I was ready for it. But I’m ready now!” If you feel ready, please visit your local shelter to give an animal a forever home!


Time To Celebrate!

We had a great week celebrating #GivingTuesday and would like to thank everyone who gave their time and donations to us and so many other wonderful animal rescue organziations! We appreciate all the love and support given individually and the businesses who help make our animal rescue flights possible! Every act of kindness, big or small, makes a difference. When everyone gets together for an important cause, there can be amazing results, like the results we received during our Five-Year Anniversary fundraiser.

On August 2nd, we announced we’ve been operational for five years. To celebrate, we started a fundraising campaign to save 1,000 more animal lives this year. Originally, our goal was to raise $25,000, but with everyone’s donations, large and small, we received a total of $31,280. With the funds and everyone’s support, we were able to save more abandoned animals this year and have been able to save a total of 8,037 lives in the last five years!

Giving Tuesday was influential for us and we appreciate the support given so we can continue to fly more animals to safety, but another day celebrated this week was National Mutt Day. It is a day where we get to celebrate mixed breed dogs and help save them from homelessness. Even though it isn’t National Mutt Day anymore, we encourage everyone to visit their local shelter and consider adopting an adorable mutt.

Adoption Update:

“My Sweet Piper cabe by way of the Dog Is My CoPilot to Montana and I’m so glad she did! We were destined to find each other. We adopted three rescue dogs from the Humane Society of Western Montana. Two lab mixes, Timber and Derby. One miniature pinscher mix, Piper, who came via DIMCP!”

Thank you- Chelsea Argo & Family


After all the shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, DIMC is participating in the global movement Giving Tuesday which was started to encourage everyone to give to charities and back to their community. Giving Tuesday is powered through social media by using #GivingTuesday on Twitter and Facebook to help bring more people together and motivate them to give their time, donations, and voice this holiday season. Please help us celebrate this global movement by giving what you can so we can continue to fly and transport more animals to safety where they will find their forever homes.

To help us this season, you can donate at or follow us on social media. Any amount you are willing to give helps us continue to save animals from being euthanized. If you are unable to donate, you can help us raise awareness for the animals who need our help by following and interacting with DIMC through social media.

Another way you can help us continue saving lives is through Paw Packz. If you are still looking for gifts this holiday season, visit and check out their bottle cap magnet sets and singles with images supporting animal rescue and the DIMC logo. Paw Packz will donate 20% of their sales, making it a fun way to contribute while getting a cute gift for your friends or family!

You could also give by finishing all of your other holiday shopping on and selecting DIMC as your charitable organization. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases so you will be able to get all of your holiday purchases done while donating at the same time.

Tis’ the season of giving and whether you give through donations, your holiday shopping, or getting involved on social media, it makes a difference. By getting involved with this movement and DIMC, you can help save animal lives. If you would like to learn more about Giving Tuesday, please visit

Adoption Update!

Lucky was flown on one of our rescue flights and here is a note from Lucky’s new mom and dad!

“I love this little dog. He was on the flight to Eureka, MT from Phoenix, AZ. We are pretty blessed to have him, he is a great dog!”

So Much to Be Thankful For!

With the holiday season right around the corner, we are reminded of all the things we are thankful for. We would not be able to accomplish everything without our supporters who help make our flights possible. We are also thankful for our wonderful partners who help give these animals a second chance at a better life.

Lastly, we are grateful for all the people who open their homes and adopt these homeless dogs and cats. Without everyone, animals like this cute, young poodle mix would not find their forever home.

Due to overcrowding, this dog was among 50 animals to be transported out of the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. Once the animals were counted and getting ready to depart, it was discovered this dog was going to be DIMC’s 8,000thpassenger. Judy Zimet, Co-Founder and Board Member of DIMC, then gave him his name Phoenix. This name symbolizes where he came from, but also how he was given the opportunity to start a new life. Phoenix was delivered to the Humane Society of Western Montana where he found a loving family to foster him. A few days later, they decided to adopt him, and he found his forever home.

This holiday season, we encourage everyone to get involved with their local shelter or DIMC to help animals get their chance at starting a new life, like Phoenix did. If you have an opening in your home, please consider adopting from your local shelter. If you cannot adopt, think about fostering an animal until someone can adopt them. If you cannot do either, then please reach out to see if there is any way you can volunteer. We understand that life gets busy, so if you aren’t able to do any of those, please donate to your local shelter or DIMC. Anything you can give makes a difference in these animals’ lives and would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you to all our supporters and partners that help us accomplish so much! We would not have been able to do it without you and we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!